The Plan Z Difference:

Plan Z by Zola is a revolutionary new approach to weight loss.

  • Lose fat fast
    Our clients lose an average of 31 pounds in 50 days
  • No excercise
    Because working out makes you want to eat more, not less
  • Eliminate cravings and discomfort
    Plan Z’s patented homeopathic formula makes dieting easier
  • Eat real food
    Enjoy delicious meals you prepare from food you buy from the store
  • Keep the weight off for good
    Get the education you need to change your life...for good!

We’re not an “eat less, exercise more” plan or point-counting program that works only for the short-term. Our unique system is proven to help people like you lose weight and keep it off.

More than 96% of our clients tell us that
Plan Z by Zola met or exceeded their expectations.

Watch the video above. Or read a few of our success stories here.

The diet delivers on everything
it promises….It provides the
education to change the way
we eat and think about food.

What Makes Our Plan Like No Other?

Our Patented ZR50 Reduction Formula Relieves the Discomforts of Dieting

Plan Z by Zola is the only weight-reducing plan that offers you the ZR50 Reduction Formula. Developed by Zola, simply spray this homeopathic formula under your tongue and you’ll reduce the discomforts dieters typically experience with other diet plans. Experience less hunger, cravings, headaches, jitters, achiness, nausea… even crabbiness!

  • All-natural ingredients
  • Contains no drugs, no caffeine or other stimulants, no hormones
  • US Patent No. 8,551,535

Learn more about ZR50 here.

This diet and process changed
my life. I was able to finally
shed the weight that I thought
I would never lose.

Affordable…and Guaranteed!

Plan Z by Zola was Developed by a Food Writer and Dieter,
Not a Corporation!

Zola spent forty years and a small fortune failing at other diets. She learned why other plans fail. That’s why she created her own plan. Zola’s system is a completely new and different way to long-term weight loss. (To fully learn how it works, watch the infomercial here.) This revolutionary plan is helping thousands of clients all over the U.S. and 10 countries lose lose weight cheaper and faster than nationally-advertised diet plans.

We’re so confident that Plan Z by Zola works that we offer two
guarantees! Learn more.

For the rest of my life
I’ve learned how to eat right
and maintain my weight
with very little effort.


Free Recipes

Big Yum!TM

Recipes So Delicious, Your Family Can Eat the Same Meals You Do!

  • Select and buy food of your choosing at your local grocery store or farmer’s market
  • Get exclusive access to over 800 delicious recipes created by Zola, with new ones being added each week
  • Enjoy a wide variety of dishes, from comfort food to gourmet —including Italian, French, Indian and Mexican meals
  • Eat desserts twice a day!
  • Cook the same meal for you and your family to enjoy instead of eating separately
  • Prep, cook and serve most meals in 30 minutes or less

Learn more here.

The recipes are outstanding. I served them to guests and they didn’t know they were eating ‘diet food.’

Okay, So Here’s the Bottom Line…

Are you sick and tired of being overweight?

Can’t find a diet plan that really works for you?

Frustrated you can’t keep the weight off permanently?

If you want to be part of a successful plan that involves:
  • No exercise… none!
  • No frozen meals or mystery shakes
  • No drugs, stimulants or other chemicals
  • No continuous food cravings or body discomfort
  • No gimmicks
  • No embarrassing weigh-ins
  • No group meetings
  • No long-term contracts
Then it’s time to join Plan Z.
This could be the last diet plan you’ll ever need!

Plan Z was the answer to my roller coaster ride with food & weight.