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How to Order in a French Restaurant and Not Get Fat

There are ways to enjoy food without gaining weight. I teach my dieters that a bit of fat in your diet won’t make you gain weight. It’s the excessive amounts of complex carbohydrates and sugars in our diet that will pack on the pounds. You’ll gain a lot more weight eating lentil so
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Gorgeous Gourmet

So many people jump to the conclusion that if you’re going to eat what is categorized as gourmet food you’re going to get fat. If you get too fat you’re no longer considered good looking and therefore not gorgeous. I say “Oh Contraire!” It is possible to eat gourmet food and kee
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The Munchies

Someone asked me the other day how I feel about late night snacking. When I think about late night snacking that raises the question, "When is the best time to eat?" Everyone wants to know if they should eat early. My first experience with that was back in the early 80’s when I
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Do You Want to Know How to Achieve Fast, Delicious Weight Loss? And then Learn How to Keep It Off?

Now there is genuine hope for people who thought they had tried everything. The answers are right here. Welcome to Plan Z by Zola Listen to a short audio interview snippet from me or keep reading: First, let’s discover why Plan Z by Zola is important to people who want to achieve grea
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