Real People Lose Real Weight Real Fast

Because if you can follow a few simple rules, then you can lose weight on this diet.

Yes, our clients lose an average of 31 pounds in less than 50 days. Without exercise. That’s four times faster than conventional diets.

You’ll get an easy-to-follow manual that lays out the diet rules. You’ll get six bottles of our ZR50 Reduction formula. That’s the game changer. Every diet tells you to cut back on sugar and processed foods. But that’s hard to do. The ZR50 Reduction formula cuts the cravings and the hunger.

We want to help you realize your thinner future. And you will, because your body will burn 2500 to 4000 calories of your own stored fat every day. The ZR50 Reduction formula lets you lose weight comfortably. One of our dieters put it this way: “I wasn’t hungry and I was losing weight. That’s a first.”

As you lose weight, you’ll get a daily e-mail from us. These e-mails offer support, encouragement and education. AND we’ll teach you how to eat going forward so that you won’t gain the weight back.

"I didn’t plan on starting a diet company. I just wanted to lose weight."

Plan Z was designed by a dieter with long-term success in mind.

I spent forty years and a small fortune on other people’s diets. I tried them all from Atkins to Weight Watchers.

How about you?

Most diets worked at first. Then, the hunger kicked in. The cravings were so bad I couldn’t go on. I’d quit and quickly gain back the weight I lost, plus a few more pounds. I promised myself I would find a way to weigh less. After decades of diet failure, I designed my own diet.

I lost so much weight so fast people begged for my secret. It worked for friends, neighbors and business associates. And I had learned so much about weight loss and weight maintenance that I really did have something to share. I started Plan Z by Zola in late 2009. And it’s really taking off. Plan Z is growing because our clients are shrinking.

This really is the new way to lose weight fast.

Just like I did.
Better yet, just like you will.

Because Plan Z by Zola provides the structure missing from every other diet.

Learn more about the Plan Z by Zola structure:

Every dieter receives a Plan Z manual with step-by-step instructions, food lists, shopping lists and sample recipes. The entire program is laid out in an easy to understand step-by-step manner. In the manual Zola takes you by the hand and walks you through the entire program so you will find it easy to succeed.

You will go through four phases of Plan Z by Zola:


For two days you get to eat whatever you want. You will say goodbye to all of the foods you are going to miss while on ZReduction. It takes a couple of days for the ZR50 Reduction formula to fully kick in.

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This is when you are in “diet mode.” Our average dieter loses 31 pounds during ZReduction. You will be avoiding heavy fats, complex carbs and sugars, and will be eating lean meats, fresh fruits and fresh veggies. The ZR50 Reduction formula will help you keep comfortable while you lose. No more dieting frustrations like you’ve had in the past.

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ZReboot lasts for 42 days. In this phase you stop taking the formula and start bringing back foods you weren’t allowed on ZReduction. During this phase you also begin to experience the benefits of a “rebooted” metabolism. People are amazed at how much more they can eat during ZReboot. And we teach you how to enjoy your favorite foods without gaining the weight back.

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Phase 4 of the diet is ZLife and, yes, it can last indefinitely. You will have new and lifelong habits that will keep you thin. You’ll know what foods your body is particularly sensitive to. You can eat what you want, but you won’t crave the foods that make you fat. Imagine feeling like you have control of your body again and feeling like your life of dieting is in your past.

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Our proprietary formula is what helps you lose stored, stingy fat quickly. The ZR50 Reduction formula is not an appetite suppressant or a drug, and it does not contain hormones. The formula allows your body to process your own abnormal fat. You will marvel at how quickly and easily your body gives up weight that was—until now—so hard to lose. The ZR50 Reduction formula is effective, it’s homeopathic, and it’s fast. All you have to do is squirt it under your tongue.

Enjoy your meals instead of just getting through them. No zapping pre-packaged food in the microwave.

On Plan Z, you are in control. You choose the foods you eat. You learn what foods won’t make you gain weight, and which foods will, and you’ll lose an average of 31 pounds in 50 days — eating real food.

Our nation is suffering from an obesity epidemic that won’t be solved by eating less and exercising more. On Plan Z, you’ll learn what went wrong. And you’ll learn how to fix yourself and your family.

At least 60% percent of the value of Plan is the education. How do we deliver that mission-critical information? We “feed” it to you in small bites every day via e-mail.

  • No time consuming classes
  • No meetings
  • No embarrassing public weigh-ins

It’s your own private briefing. It takes about 10 minutes a day. We connect you to experts. We connect you to the real science. You’ll look forward to what we have to say each day because we will blow your mind and knock your socks off.

Our goal is to make you an educated dieter who leaves us knowing you don’t ever have to gain the weight back. Our dieters say they get more structure and assurance on this diet than they have anywhere else. Plan Z dieters receive daily coaching through email that offers specific weight loss strategies and vital dieting information. Your coaching is timed to where you are in the program. This isn’t fluffy, motivational drivel. This is real information designed to correct all the misinformation we’ve been fed about dieting for decades.

We anticipate and answer your questions while you are on the diet – Zola even tells you when she’s posted her latest recipe. And anytime you want to ask a question, tell your story or give us feedback, you can contact anyone on the ZTeam. You can call or email us anytime and tell us how your diet is going, how you are feeling and how you are progressing in your learning — all at no extra charge.

Guarantee 1: If you sign up for Plan Z, get the materials, review them and decide this diet just won’t fit your lifestyle you can return everything and we will promptly refund your money.

Guarantee 2: With the Skeptic’s Agreement you’ll pay for Plan Z and you’ll start the program. You will have 9 days during which YOU get to evaluate how well Plan Z is working for you. You’ll have a special coach who will help you get on a solid footing with the diet and that person will be there for the full nine days to answer questions and help you in whatever ways we can. On of Day 9, you and your coach will evaluate whether you feel you have lost a reasonable amount of weight on Plan Z. If the answer is yes, you’ll continue. If the answer is no, you’ll pack up everything and send it back. We’ll refund your money minus $135. We’ll even pay the return postage.

Order today and pay in three monthly installments!

Order today and pay in three monthly installments!

Learn More About Plan Z:

See what makes Plan Z different from any other diet you’ve tried:

We know this isn’t easy on your own, so we lay out the process, step-by-step. Guidance is the buzz word. People tell us they love the structure.

A homeopathic spray that relieves the discomforts of dieting. It helps keep you on an even keel so you can diet comfortably and successfully.

You won’t reheat frozen food from a box. You won’t drink magic shakes. You’ll eat real food you buy from the grocery store.

We explain how you got into this mess, and we show you how to get out of it. You can eat like royalty and not gain the weight back.

We provide the structure missing from every other diet. We’ll also give you the secrets to getting yourself back in check if you start to weave off track.

There is no other diet company that stands behind their program like we do. In fact, we have two guarantees for Plan Z.