How Does Plan Z Work?

Let’s take it step-by-step:

We will first create an account for you on our Plan Z member website, Plan Z Works!

You will have access to hundreds of delicious recipes, articles about maximizing your weight loss, interviews with successful dieters, helpful tutorials, and you can use the member website to connect with other dieters and share your experiences as you advance through Plan Z.

A few days later, you’ll receive your Plan Z by Zola Manual with step by step instructions, food lists, shopping lists, and sample recipes to get you inspired. You’ll also receive your supply of ZR50 Reduction formula.

The day you’re ready to start your diet you’ll log into the Plan Z member website and register for your daily coaching. Your coaching will arrive in your inbox and will help you maximize your weight loss results as you advance through the program. You’ll also start taking your ZR50 Reduction formula. You’ll spray the formula under your tongue as instructed in your manual.

Here’s what the rest of your daily routine will look like as you slim down. Click on the phases below to read about them in detail:

For two days you get to eat whatever you want. This is the time to say goodbye to the foods that you won’t be able to eat for the next 50 days. We need you to add a little bit of normal fat or you’ll get very hungry when you start the ZReduction phase. Having some new fat gives your body the time it needs to adapt to ZReduction. It also gives the ZR50 Reduction formula time to get into your system.

During ZReduction you will be eating about 900 calories per day. That sounds like a fairly small amount but with the ZR50 Reduction formula, your body will be burning and utilizing an additional 2500 – 4000 calories of stored fat. Your body will feel like it’s getting plenty of fuel and you’ll feel fine.

Our dieters lose an average of 31 pounds during ZReduction so if you hit your weight loss goal before Day 50, we’ll walk you through the steps to advance into the next phase, ZReboot. Either way, by the time you’re done with ZReduction, your body will feel great.

900 calories doesn’t have to taste bad either. On Plan Z, you eat real food. No stale-tasting bars, no magic shakes, no boxed or frozen stuff. You’ll eat two full meals each day or, depending on your schedule, you can eat smaller portions throughout the day. You can enjoy American, Mexican, French, Italian, Indian and Asian dishes. There are even crock pot dishes for people who want to keep things simple. You can eat everything from meatloaf and chili to citrus grilled lobster and beef tenderloin! You don’t have to be a great cook. In fact, you don’t need to be a cook at all. We teach you how you can order in restaurants so you can do Plan Z wherever you are. We’ve helped everyone from airline pilots and flight attendants to farmers and long haul truck drivers do the diet successfully. No matter what kind of job you have we’re here to help you make it work.

In ZReboot, you rediscover and reset your metabolism.  ZReboot last for six weeks and is a critical part of the diet. Plan Z isn’t like other diets that help you lose weight but then abandon you as you return to former eating habits. At Plan Z, we teach how the weight came on, how to get it off, AND we give you the tools you need to help you keep it off. This is the most critical part of the diet as it relates to your future so we are very careful to make sure you get the right coaching in order to be successful. During ZReboot, you’ll have a new set point for your metabolism. Your body will be able to process and digest foods without immediately gaining the weight back. We have seen women who could only eat 800-1000 calories a day go through Plan Z; and after ZReboot, the same women are able to eat between 2300 and 2500 calories per day without gaining weight. We’ve seen men go through the program who can now eat 3800 calories (or more) without gaining weight. It is amazing.

Phase 4 of the diet is ZLife and, yes, it can last indefinitely. When you have lost all the weight you want, you graduate to ZLife. You will have new and lifelong habits that will help keep you thin. You can choose to eat what you want, but you won’t crave the foods that make you fat. For example, you will eat a piece of cheese instead of a bowl of Cheez-Its.

You will love the way you look and feel. You will love yourself and have more love to give your family. As one of our dieters said, “Even the sex is better now that I’ve lost 55 pounds.” Our goal is to help you never think about dieting again. Plan Z is an eating plan for the rest of your life.

Plan Z by Zola is a structured, coached, delicious whole food diet protocol.
Our dieters lose an average of 31 pounds in under 50 days in the comfort and privacy of their home.
You’ll eat real food from the grocery store.
Our patented ZR50 Reduction formula minimizes the discomforts of dieting and helps you burn 2500 – 4000 calories a day.
As you melt away, you learn how to keep the weight off, all with the support of our staff and coaches.

Learn More About Plan Z:

A homeopathic spray I designed to relieve the discomforts of dieting. It helps keep you on an even keel so you can diet comfortably and successfully.

That means you won’t be eating anything from box. You won’t drink magic shakes. You’ll eat real food you buy from the grocery store.

We explain how you got into this mess, and we show you how to get out of it…and stay out of it. You can eat royalty and not gain the weight back.