How Does Plan Z Work?


Let’s take it step-by-step:

We will first create an account for you on our Plan Z member website, Plan Z Works!

You will have access to hundreds of delicious recipes, articles about maximizing your weight loss, interviews with successful dieters, helpful tutorials, and you can use the member website to connect with other dieters and share your experiences as you advance through Plan Z.

A few days later, you’ll receive your Plan Z by Zola Manual with step by step instructions, food
lists, shopping lists, and sample recipes to get you inspired. You’ll also receive your supply of
[tooltip title="" content="ZR50 is a hormone-free, homeopathic blend of natural ingredients that help reduce the discomforts of dieting while you're in the ZReduction phase." type="info"]ZR50 Reduction formula[/tooltip].

The day you’re ready to start your diet you’ll log into the Plan Z member website and register for your daily coaching. Your coaching will arrive in your inbox and will help you maximize your weight loss results as you advance through the program. You’ll also start taking your ZR50 Reduction formula. You’ll spray the formula under your tongue as instructed in your manual.

Here’s what the rest of your daily routine will look like as you slim down. Click on the phases below to read about them in detail:

[toggle_item title="Days 1 & 2:  ZBinge" active="false"]For two days you get to eat whatever you want.  This is the time to say goodbye to the foods that you won’t be able to eat for the next 50 days. We need you to add a little bit of normal fat or you’ll get very hungry when you start the ZReduction phase. Having some new fat gives your body the time it needs to adapt to ZReduction. It also gives the ZR50 Reduction formula time to get into your system.[/toggle_item]

[toggle_item title="Days 3 - 50: ZReduction" active="false"]

During ZReduction you will be eating about 800 calories per day. That sounds like a fairly small amount but with the ZR50 Reduction formula, your body will be burning and utilizing an additional 2500 – 4000 calories of stored fat. Your body will feel like it’s getting plenty of fuel and you’ll feel fine.

Our dieters lose an average of 31 pounds during ZReduction so if you hit your weight loss goal before Day 50, we’ll walk you through the steps to advance into the next phase, ZReboot. Either way, by the time you’re done with ZReduction, your body will feel great.

800 calories doesn’t have to taste bad either. On Plan Z, you eat real food. No stale-tasting bars, no magic shakes, no boxed or frozen stuff. You’ll eat two full meals each day or, depending on your schedule, you can eat smaller portions throughout the day. You can enjoy American, Mexican, French, Italian, Indian and Asian dishes. There are even crock pot dishes for people who want to keep things simple. You can eat everything from meatloaf and chili to citrus grilled lobster and beef tenderloin! You don’t have to be a great cook. In fact, you don’t need to be a cook at all. We teach you how you can order in restaurants so you can do Plan Z wherever you are. We’ve helped everyone from airline pilots and flight attendants to farmers and long haul truck drivers do the diet successfully. No matter what kind of job you have we’re here to help you make it work.

Click here to Taste Drive Plan Z by Zola!


[toggle_item title="Days 51 - 92: ZReboot" active="false"]

In ZReboot, you rediscover (and reset) your metabolism.  ZReboot last for six weeks and is a critical part of the diet. Plan Z isn’t like other diets that help you lose weight but then abandon you as you return to former eating habits. At Plan Z, we teach how the weight came on, how to get it off, AND we give you the tools you need to help you keep it off. This is the most critical part of the diet as it relates to your future so we are very careful to make sure you get the right coaching in order to be successful. During ZReboot, you’ll have a new set point for your metabolism. Your body will be able to process and digest foods without immediately gaining the weight back. We have seen women who could only eat 800-1000 calories a day go through Plan Z; and after ZReboot, the same women are able to eat between 2300 and 2500 calories per day without gaining weight. We’ve seen men go through the program who can now eat 3800 calories (or more) without gaining weight. It is amazing.


[toggle_item title="Days 93 and Beyond: ZLife" active="false"]
Phase 4 of the diet is ZLife and, yes, it can last indefinitely. When you have lost all the weight you want, you graduate to ZLife. You will have new and lifelong habits that will help keep you thin. You can choose to eat what you want, but you won’t crave the foods that make you fat. For example, you will eat a piece of cheese instead of a bowl of Cheez-Its.

You will love the way you look and feel. You will love yourself and have more love to give your family. As one of our dieters said, “Even the sex is better now that I’ve lost 55 pounds.” Our goal is to help you never think about dieting again. Plan Z is an eating plan for the rest of your life.


OK Zola, I understand how it works, but is Plan Z right for me?

I’ve tackled the seven most pressing questions you’ve asked me over the years about Plan Z and how it works. Click on any of the topics below to read the details:

[toggle_item title="You say the education is at least 60% of the value of Plan Z by Zola. What kinds of things will I learn on the program?" active="false"]

You have to unlearn the bad diet advice you’ve been fed for years. Our so-called “obesity epidemic” in the USA is only about thirty years old.  We started to fatten up in the early 1980s shortly after the U.S. Senate passed its Dietary Guidelines for America (1977). The government advised us to reduce our fat consumption from 40% to 30% and replace the fat with [tooltip title="carbohydrate" content="According to the Centers for Disease Control, during the period between 1971-2000, the average daily intake of calories for men increased from 2,450 calories per day to 2,618, and for women, from 1,542 to 1,877. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the average carbohydrate intake for all ages from 1999 to 2000 was 51.9 percent of calories. There are approximately 3,500 calories in 1 pound." type="info" ]carbohydrates[/tooltip].

Food companies jumped in and started making low fat, “diet” foods filled with enough sugar and high fructose corn syrup to make them palatable. We know that sugar is a main contributor to obesity in America but food manufacturers have not backed off on using varying forms of sugar in their recipes.

When we got fatter, they replaced natural sugars with artificial sweeteners, unnatural flavorings, and preservatives. These things reduce the natural sugar content in foods but they wreak havoc on your metabolism.  And we still didn’t lose weight.

So, the “experts” told us that we needed to exercise more. What a monumental mistake. The problem is, while exercise may burn calories, it also stimulates hunger.  After an intense workout your body will need to replenish the calories it just burned.  How does it do that?  By sending you signals that you’re hungry and you need to eat!

Today, Americans spend billions on diet foods and health club memberships – more than they ever had in the past. And yet, between 1998 and 2008, the number of “clinically” obese Americans grew 37% according to the Centers for Disease Control.

We now know fat doesn’t make you fat. Complex carbohydrates and sugar make you fat–especially the highly processed white carbs and the high fructose corn syrup that’s in most processed foods. These are the convenience foods that fill the shelves of our grocery stores.

Knowing why we get fat in the first place is the first step towards keeping the weight off. Plan Z takes a completely different approach to weight loss: we work on your body and your brain.


[toggle_item title="I have a really busy schedule. Will Plan Z work for me?" active="false"]

Yes. You can do this diet easily at work. We know you have to go to work so we have a Zola to Go! section on our member site with recipes for planning, preparing, and packing meals and snacks that travel well. We can accommodate you even if you are traveling back and forth between two cities as you prepare for your wedding day. We’ve helped pilots, flight attendants, and even traveling salespeople lose weight while on the job. We’ve even helped a company of firefighters lose hundreds of pounds together.

Do you travel? Do you go out for meals? We’ll show you how to stay on Plan Z while eating in restaurants. Plus, Plan Z is totally family friendly. Your family can eat the same food you do–they’ll just have different portions because they’re not taking the ZR50 Reduction formula. No need to make your “diet food” and then make “regular” food for your family.

Have kids? Kids LOVE the food. You choose what you want to eat every day from Zola’s approved food list. This way Plan Z becomes part of your thinner lifestyle. You can set an example for your children and pass on valuable eating habits to them. We even have recipes for things like healthy chicken nuggets and tiny meatloaves.


[toggle_item title="I’ve tried a lot of diets and none of them worked for me." active="false"]
You are a unique individual, but you are not so unique that the laws of science don’t apply to you. You are not an impossible case. You just had the wrong information until now. We believe if you had the right information you’d act on it and you’d likely be thinner than you are right now. But there is too much misinformation in the diet market place. The truth is hard to find. The so-called “diet” foods are filled with starch, sugar, artificial flavoring, and high fructose corn syrup.

Those ingredients have contributed to America’s obesity epidemic and along with American [tooltip title="Who owns those diet companies, anyway?" content=" Kraft makes South Beach Living packaged food, Heinz processes Weight Watchers food, Unilever owns Slim Fast, Kellogg's owns Kashi Go Lean, Stouffer owns Lean Cuisine, Con-Agra owns Healthy Choice." type="info" ]companies[/tooltip] like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s (and many others) they are exporting our obesity epidemic to the rest of the world. Their business plan and packaged foods keep you dieting and buying their foods for the rest of your life. My business plan is to help you break the endless cycle of weight gain and help you move forward into your new life.

Obesity is a disease of fat production, not of overeating. If it were a simple math problem of calories in and calories out, we would all be thin. On conventional diets the first ten or twelve pounds come off and then you hit the wall. Your metabolism slows down. You’re hungry and irritable. You tough it out a few more weeks or you quit and the weight comes roaring back.

[toggle_item title="I want to try Plan Z, but I’m worried about my health." active="false"]

Your health is one reason to lose a lot of weight! Obesity causes or exacerbates all of these diseases:

  • [tooltip title="Hypertension" content="Zola was on blood pressure meds until she developed and did Plan Z. After losing 28 pounds the first month she was able to come off the meds completely." type="info"]Hypertension[/tooltip]
  • [tooltip title="Type 2 Diabetes" content="One Plan Z Insider called us to say he was off his insulin on day four (with his doctor's blessing!) of his ZReduction phase of Plan Z by Zola. He’d been on insulin since 1999!" type="info"]Type 2 Diabetes[/tooltip]
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Heart ailments
  • Angina
  • Stroke
  • Gallstones
  • Gout
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Osteoarthritis

We don’t make medical claims, but many of our dieters report they are making fewer claims against their health insurance. Conventional dieting keeps most of us on a perpetual cycle of losing and gaining the same 13-20 pounds for the rest of our lives. Diet companies win when you don’t lose enough to stop dieting. My plan helps you lose weight and keep it off.  Plan Z by Zola will grow by helping you shrink.


[toggle_item title="What's the difference between your program and the hCG diet?" active="false"]

There has been a resurgence of a diet from the 1950s that is commonly called the hCG Diet. I used that diet as part of my research in building Plan Z. I decided very early on that the hCG diet (although it had some good ideas in it), was insufficient and way too restrictive. You are not on the hCG Diet when you are on Plan Z. Don’t mistake the two. Our formula doesn’t contain any hCG. The homeopathic elements in our ZR50 Reduction formula are designed to relieve all of the discomforts of dieting. Those are the things that make a particular diet experience so uncomfortable that people quit before they see appreciable results.

The ZR50 Reduction formula will help you alleviate:

  • Hunger. If you’re constantly hungry you’ll give up for sure.
  • Cravings for foods and for alcohol. When you have to give up foods you will miss them terribly without some kind of support mechanism.
  • Withdrawal symptoms. When you go cold turkey off of sugar, preservatives and artificial sweeteners it’s not a pretty picture. You get jitters, dizziness, crankiness, headaches, and more. No one wants to put up with that for long.
  • Sleep problems. Some can’t get to sleep. Some just want to sleep all day long because they are out of energy.
  • Low energy. When you don’t eat enough to fully fuel your activity level you are going to get tired.
  • Headaches. I mentioned these above but for some, just cutting back on food, let alone the sugar, will leave them with a headache.
  • Leg cramps and achiness. Cutting out certain foods will cause aches and pains in some dieters.
  • Slow weight loss. For many this should be at the top of the list. Losing 1 or 2 pounds a week is not very motivating.
  • Bloating, gassiness and constipation. Enough said. YUCK.


Our formula is all natural and homeopathic. There are no stimulants in it. No drugs. There are no hormones in it. No caffeine either. It’s the most exciting development in Plan Z’s growth so far.


[toggle_item title="How much does Plan Z cost?" active="false"]

Plan Z by Zola costs a fraction of what it already costs you to be fat. Health economists for the Centers for Disease Control say that obesity costs overweight people an additional $1470 per year in increased medical bills and medication costs. Losing weight can actually save you money and aggravation.

We’ve done a side by side comparison of some of the most popular diets. The information in our comparison chart below comes right from their ads and websites. There is no comparison when it comes to the speed at which the weight comes off on Plan Z. No other diet gives you the structure that makes this a plan for life and not just another diet.


Payment Options

Pay in full

You can order via PayPal or pay with your credit card via PayPal if you don’t have a PayPal account. Either way your transaction is secure. Save $60 over our 3-Payment plan when you pay in full up front.

Pay in payments

If it helps you fit Plan Z into your budget, you can choose the three-payment plan option by splitting your payment into three monthly payments.

Note that there is a $60 service fee for splitting your payments into 3 equal monthly installments. LIMITED TIME ONLY! For a limited time, we’re waiving the $60 fee on our split payment plan! You’ll be billed $215.68 today, then 40 days from now you’ll be billed $215.66 for your second installment. Your final installment of $215.66 will be billed 30 days after your 2nd payment.


[toggle_item title="I have a friend who wants to lose weight with me. Can we save money?" active="false"]

Want to add a friend or two?
Take advantage of our Buddy System. When two or more people register at the same time for Plan Z, each person pays a reduced registration fee and you split the cost across the entire group so everyone shares in the savings.

You don’t have to live in the same house, or even in the same city.  Call us for details at 1-800-255-9853 or 1-773-227-3438. The larger the group, the more you all save. (this offer is only available by phone)

[/toggle_item][toggle_item title="What do I do if I need to lose more weight?" active="false"]

If you decide you love Plan Z so much that you want to come back to us to lose more weight you will enjoy a huge discount. On the second round of Plan Z you’ll pay just $547 for your registration and ZR50 Reduction formula. We call that stage ZRefine. Still have more weight to lose after your ZRefine? Your 3rd and 4th rounds will be the same price too–and if you have even more weight to lose after the 4th round, you will no longer pay a registration fee; you only pay for the remedy. We want to be here to support you all the way through your weight loss goals, getting you to a healthy weight you can live with. This reduced rate is only available to Plan Z by Zola participants who have previously participated in the diet at the full price or at the Buddy System price. We recommend people come to us with one round in mind because after that round is over, you’ll be happy to pay for the next one. You’ll see the value.



What’s keeping you from doing the Plan Z Diet?

Your own healthy skepticism.

I understand if you’re skeptical. My husband walked out of the room when I told him I was thinking about going on another diet. He was sick of watching me fail on one diet after the other. Now he is on board and has even done Plan Z! Even if you believe Plan Z by Zola worked for me and thousands of others, you may have failed on so many diets you just can’t believe it will work for you. I want you to feel completely safe investing in your thinner future.

We are so confident in Plan Z that the diet has two guarantees:


[toggle_item title="Guarantee 1: I'll Take a Look (The Sneak Peek)" active="false"]

Sign up. Have the manual and ZR50 Reduction formula delivered to your door. Look it over. Pay close attention to the first ten days where we practically take you by the hand and make sure you get off to a fast start.

Get instant access to the Plan Z Works! Members’ website. Look over the recipes and even taste drive a couple. Then, if you don’t think Plan Z by Zola is for you, call us. We’ll send you a pre-paid-UPS return label and you can send everything back for a full refund. Just return all the bottles of your ZR50 Reduction formula with their original safety seals unbroken along with your manual.[/toggle_item]

[toggle_item title="Guarantee 2: The Skeptics' Agreement" active="false"]

Sign up. Then call us at 1-800-255-9853 or 1-773-227-3438 and say, “I’m giving you nine days.” Then follow Plan Z for nine days. Call or e-mail Zola every day to report your progress. We’ll offer you support, coaching, and encouragement.

If after nine days, you are not absolutely convinced that Plan Z is everything we said it would be we’ll send you a pre-paid UPS label for you to return the product and unopened bottles of ZR50 Reduction formula and refund you the full purchase price minus $135. You must return the manual and unopened bottles of formula to qualify for this refund. Plan Z will have only cost you $15 per day. Even the most skeptical people soon become Plan Z by Zola champions. People who have failed on every other diet can’t wait to tell family and friends about the diet that works: Plan Z by Zola.


Think about how much you have already spent on dieting in your life.

I spent nearly $100,000 in the last 40 years on doctors, blood pressure medicine, diet foods, obesity clinics, food psychologists, personal trainers, health club memberships, and more. I wasted a lot of money before I figured out how to break free from the endless cycle of dieting and weight gain. You could spend more than that going from one diet to another the rest of your life too.

Admit you are frustrated and tired of failing on diets.

The four biggest New Year’s resolutions are: “I’m going to quit smoking, quit drinking, fix my finances, and lose weight.” How many years have you told yourself “This is the year I’m going to lose weight”? You don’t need a resolution to lose weight. You need a plan. Plan Z by Zola is that plan.

By now you have figured out Plan Z by Zola is more than a diet. It is a complete plan for taking back your life and health.

If this is what you’ve been looking for then I encourage you to join us. It’s taken me a long time to discover and perfect this plan. I only wish this was the diet I found when I was twelve years old. I would have saved myself 40 years of aggravation and failure. If you’re not 100% sure, then call me at 1-800-255-9853 or 1-773-227-3438 and discuss it. Ask any of us your toughest questions. It is so much better being thinner. You will adore the adoration. Your thinner future is just a click or a phone call away, so join us and get started with Plan Z.

– OR –