Mike’s Story

Real People Lose Real Weight Real Fast . . .

Meet Plan Z by Zola’s Newest 100 Pound Loser. He’s Mike Ewing of Clarion, IA.

Click here to listen to Mike’s Plan Z experience:

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  • How he’s lost 107.8 # and his wife is down 50#
  • Why he finally decided to do Plan Z by Zola instead of getting bariatric surgery
  • The most important things he’s learned about himself and food
  • Why his amazing weight loss had increased the sales of his local men’s clothing store
  • What it’s like to buy clothes off the rack for the first time in a decade, and much more

We want you to hear from real people, not celebrity spokespeople with personal chefs and personal trainers. Mike is a funeral director in a small town. He saw the death toll that the “diabesity” epidemic was having on the people in his town. It was causing them to die early.

That makes his story even more compelling.

If you want more information about Plan Z by Zola, you can click here to read more at www.planzdiet.com and to order the diet.

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