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Are you sick and tired of being overweight?

If you want to be part of a successful plan that involves:
• No exercise…none!
• No frozen meals or mystery shakes
• No drugs, stimulants or other chemicals
• No continuous food cravings or body discomfort
• No gimmicks
• No embarrassing weigh-ins
• No group meetings
• No long-term contracts

Then it’s time to do Plan Z.
This could be the LAST diet you’ll ever need to do.

More than 96% of our clients tell us that Plan Z by Zola met or exceeded their expectations.

Are you ready to achieve your Delicious Results?

Order today and have your Plan Z by Zola materials shipped right to your door!

Your Plan Z by Zola Order Includes:

Plan Z by Zola Manual
10 Day Startup Guide
150 Page Instructions for the 4 Diet Phases, including:
Eating Out Guide
Comprehensive Approved Foods List
Laminated ZReduction Shopping List
Sugars to Avoid List
Approved Beverage List

6 Bottles of ZR50 Reduction Formula

13 Week Membership to the Plan Z Works Recipe & Blog Site
Over 800 Recipes from Gourmet to Comfort Food
Access to Zola University and the Science behind Plan Z
Captivating Blog Articles for Living ZLife after Plan Z
Live Plan Z Insider Webcasts
Plan Z by Zola Dieter Forums
Video Tutorials

Plan Z by Zola Education & Support
Daily Coaching Emails
Live Diet Support via Phone & Email
Live Tech Support via Phone & Email

Free Shipping

If Plan Z seems expensive, look at the chart above. You can see what it really costs to lose 30 pounds on those other diets. Plan Z is really reasonable and GUARANTEED! You can get a payment plan, too!

I'm ready to order! What happens next?

Once you order Plan Z by Zola, we will create a dieter account for you on our Plan Z member website, Plan Z Works! The member website will give you access to hundreds of delicious recipes, articles about maximizing your weight loss, interviews with successful dieters and helpful dieter tutorials. You can use the member website to connect with other dieters and share your experiences as you go through Plan Z.

A few days later, you’ll receive your Plan Z by Zola Manual in the mail. You manual has step by step instructions, food lists, shopping lists, and sample recipes to get you inspired. You’ll also receive your supply of ZR50 Reduction formula (a hormone-free, homeopathic blend of natural ingredients that help reduce the discomforts of dieting while you’re in the ZReduction phase).

The day you’re ready to start your diet, you’ll log into the Plan Z member website and register for your daily coaching. Your coaching will arrive in your inbox each day that you are on the diet and will help you maximize your weight loss results as you advance through the program. You’ll also start taking your ZR50 Reduction formula. You’ll spray the formula under your tongue as instructed in your manual. You’ll follow the program, and we’ll be there for you at every step.

If you decide you love Plan Z so much that you want to come back to us to lose more weight you will enjoy a huge discount. On the second round of Plan Z you’ll pay just $547 for your registration and ZR50 Reduction formula. We call this a ZRefine. Still have more weight to lose after your ZRefine? Your 3rd and 4th rounds will be the same price too – and if you have even more weight to lose after the 4th round, you will no longer pay a registration fee; you only pay for the formula. We want to be here to support you all the way through your weight loss goals, getting you to a healthy weight you can live with. This reduced rate is only available to Plan Z by Zola participants who have previously participated in the diet at the full price or at the Buddy System price. We recommend people come to us with one round in mind because after that round is over, you’ll be happy to pay for the next one. You’ll see the value.

The Guarantees

Guarantee 1: Money Back Guarantee

If you order Plan Z, review the materials and decide this diet won’t fit your lifestyle, you can return everything and we will promptly refund your money.

You can take it to your doctor for review if you want to. Doctors all over the country are now beginning to recommend Plan Z. Some doctors use Plan Z as their own weight loss plan. It’s catching on. In fact, it’s mushrooming.

Guarantee 2: The Skeptic’s Agreement

We have another unique guarantee called the Skeptic’s Agreement. With all the hype in the diet industry you have every right to be skeptical. We believe an educated (and wary) customer is a smart consumer.

With the Skeptic’s Agreement you’ll fill out a one page questionnaire so we can get to know you better and learn why you might be skeptical. We need to gather a starting evaluation point. You’ll pay for Plan Z and you’ll start the program. You will have 9 days during which YOU get to evaluate how well Plan Z is working for you. You’ll have a special coach who will help you get on a solid footing with the diet. That person will be there for the full nine days to answer questions and help you however we can. On Day 9, you and your coach will evaluate whether you have lost a reasonable amount of weight on Plan Z. If the answer is yes, you’ll continue. If the answer is no, you’ll pack up everything and send it back. We’ll pay the return postage. We’ll refund your money minus $135. That means it will have cost you $15 a day to see if we measure up; but rest assured, we measure up. People love this diet.

Want to order Plan Z as a skeptic? Click here.

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