A structured, coached, delicious, REAL food diet program.

There are no pre-packaged or shrink-wrapped foods, no “magic shakes” or frozen, boxed foods of any kind. Our dieters lose an average of 31 pounds in under 50 days in the comfort and privacy of their home. 

At Plan Z, we combine healthy calorie limits with our proprietary ZR50 Reduction formula to help you burn 2500 – 4000 calories a day. This proprietary homeopathic formula minimizes the discomforts of dieting. While you melt away, there is a strong educational component designed to help you learn how to keep the weight off. You’ll eat real food from the grocery store. Once you’ve lost weight, you’ll apply what you’ve learned to keep the weight off, all with the support of our staff and coaches.

We connect you to new information and teach you why you got fat (and it’s not what you think). Here’s some of what you’ll learn on Plan Z:

  • The three things that make you fat despite counting calories and exercising.
  • The reason the “diet industry” has not been able to give you results that last.
  • Why following the USDA Food Pyramid (or the new USDA Food Plate) is a prescription for gaining weight instead of a healthy eating plan.

You will get connected to valuable, life-changing information and be connected to the new and effective science of weight loss.

This will help you get thin and stay thin. Once you complete the Plan Z 50-day ZReduction phase, you will spend six weeks maintaining your new lower weight in ZReboot. During this phase your metabolism gets a giant “do-over.” You don’t have to be one of those people that gains weight as soon as their diet ends. You will discover your body can handle more food (sometimes a lot more) than you are eating now with no weight gain. This is a crucial benefit of Plan Z by Zola.

Our goal is to make sure you become an educated dieter that leaves us with the assurance that you don’t ever have to gain the weight back. Our dieters say they get more structure and assurance on this diet than they have anywhere else. Plan Z dieters receive daily coaching through email that offers specific weight loss strategies and vital dieting information. Your coaching is timed to where you are in the program. This isn’t fluffy, motivational drivel. This is real information designed to correct all the misinformation we’ve been fed about dieting for decades.

We anticipate and answer your questions while you are on the diet – Zola even tells you when she’s posted her latest recipe. And anytime you want to ask a question, tell your story or give us feedback, you can contact anyone on the ZTeam. You can call or email us anytime and tell us how your diet is going, how you are feeling and how you are progressing in your learning — all at no extra charge.

Our proprietary formula is what helps you lose stored, stingy fat quickly. The ZR50 Reduction formula is not an appetite suppressant or a drug and it does not contain hormones. The formula allows your body to process and digest your own abnormal fat. You will marvel at how quickly and easily your body gives up weight that was—until now—so hard to lose. The ZR50 Reduction formula is effective, it’s homeopathic, and it’s fast. All you have to do is squirt it under your tongue.

Nearly every day, you will find new recipes and news on our Plan Z member website. You will also be able to participate in forums and connect with other Plan Z Insiders from Iowa to Israel who are just like you. We are honored to have clients in over 39 states and ten countries. These are people all over the world who are winning their own personal “battle of the bulge,” and folks that just want to “whittle their figure” a bit. And you can get to know them.

Have questions? Call the office toll free at 1-773-227-3438. We have a team of folks who are here every day to answer questions and guide you along. E-mail Zola at zola@planzdiet.com. Make an appointment to visit our Chicago office at 2436 W. Bloomingdale Ave.

Every dieter receives a Plan Z manual with step-by-step instructions, food lists, shopping lists and sample recipes. The entire program is laid out in an easy to understand step-by-step manner. In the manual Zola takes you by the hand and walks you through the entire program so you will find it easy to succeed.

You will go through four phases of Plan Z by Zola:

ZBinge: For two days you get to eat whatever you want. You will say goodbye to all of the foods you are going to miss while on ZReduction. It takes a couple of days for the ZR50 Reduction formula to fully kick in. While that’s happening, we need you to gain a bit of “normal” fat. That way when you start reducing you won’t be hungry. Don’t worry — this padding comes off fast.

ZReduction: This is when you are in “diet mode.” Our average dieter loses 31 pounds during ZReduction. You will be avoiding heavy fats, complex carbs and sugars, and will be eating lean meats, fresh fruits and fresh veggies. The ZR50 Reduction formula will help you keep comfortable while you lose. No more dieting frustrations like you’ve had in the past.

ZReboot: ZReboot lasts for 42 days. In this phase you stop taking the formula and start bringing back foods you weren’t allowed on ZReduction. During this phase you also begin to experience the benefits of a “rebooted” metabolism. People are amazed at how much more they can eat during ZReboot. And we teach you how to enjoy your favorite foods without gaining the weight back.

ZLife: Phase 4 of the diet is ZLife and, yes, it can last indefinitely. You will have new and lifelong habits that will keep you thin. You’ll know what foods your body is particularly sensitive to. You can eat what you want, but you won’t crave the foods that make you fat. Imagine feeling like you have control of your body again and feeling like your life of dieting is in your past.

There are 7 pillars that support the Plan Z by Zola structure:

You will immediately see the difference. Plan Z by Zola adds the structure missing from every diet you may have tried.

At Plan Z, we specialize in getting the weight off quickly and giving you the education you need to maintain a new lower weight, all in the privacy of your own home. Have you ever seen another diet with all of those elements? We are very proud of our program and we are committed to getting you to your goal.

Learn More About Plan Z:

We know this isn’t easy on your own, so we lay out the process, step-by-step. Guidance is the buzz word. People tell us they love the structure.

A homeopathic spray I designed to relieve the discomforts of dieting. It helps keep you on an even keel so you can diet comfortably and successfully.

That means you won’t be eating anything from box. You won’t drink magic shakes. You’ll eat real food you buy from the grocery store.