100 pounds down.

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Dieter Angel lost over 100 pounds with Plan Z!

Before Plan Z, she had tried lots of other diet plans She would lose 20 or 30 pounds but gain it all back and sometimes more. It was receiving an education on healthy eating that made Plan Z so successful for Angel. During her interview with Chris, our VP of Anger management, Angel said, “when you don’t learn anything, you don’t learn what you’re doing wrong.” Some helpful education Angel received from Plan Z was how to properly read labels. She learned how to identify hidden sugars, artificial ingredients and toxic preservatives. She focuses on eating fresh foods now and shops the outside of the grocery store while barely ever purchasing from the aisles in the middle.

Angel’s husband, Dave, heard about Plan Z on the radio while following the success of a Plan Z radio personality, Harry O. Dave convinced her to give it a try and helped her along the way. Together they improved their eating habits and Angel started dropping weight. She says, “It [Plan Z] started working immediately… pounds were dropping off within a week. It definitely makes it more exciting to get on the scale every day.”

Hear more about Angel’s experience here:

The freedom from pain is an amazing benefit from Plan Z. Dieter Angel agrees, “When I get up and I move, I feel the new me because my knees don’t hurt and they used to hurt all the time. And my back would hurt and my arms would hurt…Now, I want to run and I want to go out and I want to walk and ride my bike and do stuff like that.”

Check out two her favorite recipes: Peanut Butter Dream and Chili with Napa cabbage