Happy Valentine’s Day!

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If you haven’t seen these Top 10 Valentine’s Day commercials, today’s your day.  Enjoy! My favorite is #10!

Too bad Valentine’s Day is such a sugar holiday.  There are other things you can give for Valentine’s Day.

Take my gift for an example.

I gave my husband a new toilet seat for Valentine’s Day this year.

(I never thought I’d tell anyone that… but I did)

Give me some credit:

  • I put a bow on it.
  • He asked me to buy a new toilet seat a couple of weeks ago… and I thought
  • Perfect timing!  What a surprise this will be!
  • I had it installed so he didn’t have to do any work.  Bonus.

There are tons of things you can give for Valentine’s Day besides chocolate. But if you do give chocolate, make it DARK chocolate. That’s actually healthy!

Enjoy your holiday your way,

Cheers and love to you all.