This section is for dieters and their health care professionals, including allopaths (MD’s), homeopaths (MRPharmS, RSHomeopathy), naturopaths, integrative medicine specialists and other health care professionals who are interested in Plan Z. You will find some of this content elsewhere on the website, but this section takes a deeper dive into some of the science and research related to Plan Z and ZR50 Crave Control spray.

What we are doing here is laying out the most frequently asked questions we get from the health care community and attempting to answer those questions to your satisfaction. We expect this section to grow organically over time. Dieters and/or their health care professionals are encouraged to call our offices at 800-255-9853 with any questions.

Plan Z by Zola does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Clients who register for Plan Z fill out a medical waiver as part of their registration. That waiver directs them to continue to accept responsibility for their medical care and status and remain in touch with their health care professional. Plan Z does not (and is not intended to) replace a client’s health care professional. Plan Z is another tool in a dieter’s arsenal to lose weight and keep it off. The content of the Plan Z website is for informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Calcarea carbonica, nux vomica, taraxacum and magnesium phosphorica are the ingredients.

All ingredients are in homeopathic dilution. They are all natural, plant and mineral based. There are no hormones included in the formula. There are no stimulants of any kind, such as caffeine, ephedra, or any other stimulants. All ingredients are FDA approved. The ZR50 Crave Control spray is protected by a US Patent. It’s exclusive to Plan Z.

The ingredients are all in 6c potency and are suspended in a 23% alcohol solution as a preservative. If a client needs a version that has no alcohol, a specific solution can be manufactured. It’s a special order and will take more time, but it can be done.

The ZR50 Crave Control spray is a homeopathic spray designed to relieve the discomforts of dieting. When you go cold turkey off of sugar, artificial sweeteners and preservatives, your body rebels.

For starters, most people get a headache. Others start to get the jitters. It might get so bad their hands shake. That makes it difficult to type or do other hand-work. Some get achy. Some experience slight nausea. Pretty much everybody gets crabby. And the cravings. For many, they can be overwhelming. All of this adds up to an intolerable situation for the dieter and oftentimes for those around them.

ZR50 is designed to eliminate, or at least ameliorate, all of these conditions. It helps keep you on an even keel as you go through Plan Z so you can diet comfortably and successfully.

More specifically, and according to Clarkes Dictionary, the ingredients in ZR50 have been known to provide relief for the following symptoms:


  • Great plumpness and excessive obesity.
  • Tendency in children and young persons to grow very fat.
  • Hunger, a short time after having eaten.
  • Frequent nausea, especially in the morning, in the evening, or at night
  • Pressive, or pinching pain in the stomach, or cramp-like and contractive pains, chiefly after a meal.
  • Cramps in the stomach at night.
  • Inflation and swelling of the epigastrium and of the region of the stomach, with painful sensibility of those parts to the touch.
  • Tension and inflation of the abdomen.
  • Enlargement and hardness of the abdomen.
  • Unpleasant taste in the mouth, mostly bitter, or sour, or metallic, especially in the morning.
  • Risings, with taste of undigested, or bitter, or sour food.


  • Anguish, anxiety, and excessive uneasiness, often with agitation which allows no rest whatever
  • Anxiety and restlessness in the evening.
  • Acid taste in mouth, worse in morning, or after eating
  • Craving for alcohol, coffee, stimulants.
  • Disordered stomach from over-eating
  • Painful sensitiveness in pit of stomach to least pressure.
  • Aching, tension, fullness, and distension of abdomen, and especially of epigastrium, worse after a meal.
  • Sensation of heaviness, and swelling in abdomen.
  • Cramp-like, contractive, and compressive pains, or cuttings and shootings, or sharp and drawing pains in the umbilical region


  • Mag-p. is in the first rank as a pain remedy, and it has all kinds of pain (though cramping pain is the most characteristic)
  • Spasms of various kinds.
  • Aching feeling in arms and legs, weak and trembling.
  • Bloated, full sensation in abdomen, must loosen clothing.
  • Much flatus in bowels, passing off freely on walking, worse after evening meal.


  • This remedy acts well in all affections of the liver.
  • Sensation of weakness and uneasiness throughout body, with constant necessity to lie down or to sit.
  • Gastric and bilious attacks, especially gastric headaches, the headaches are generally pressive.
  • Jaundice, liver obstruction.
  • Worse from fatty food.

Dieters spray the ZR50 Crave Control formula under their tongue 4 times a day to keep up a steady and comfortable dieting pace.

The ZR50 Crave Control spray is homeopathic. We have not had any reports of drug interactions. Many of our clients are on medications for various ailments/conditions, including but not limited to: diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hormonal replacements, depression and more.

Blood pressure:
The blood pressure of Plan Z clients typically begins to normalize very early in the diet. We recommend dieters work with their health care professionals so they can be monitored and adjust medications if necessary. Over time, many Plan Z clients are able to reduce or get off medications for high blood pressure.

Insulin levels:
Type 2 Diabetes: Insulin levels in Plan Z clients typically begin to normalize very early in the diet. We recommend dieters work with their health care professionals so they can be monitored and adjust medications if necessary. Many Plan Z clients are able to reduce or get off their medications for Type 2 Diabetes over time.

Type 1 Diabetes:
Close monitoring by a health care professional is highly recommended. We always ask dieters who report themselves as Type 1 diabetics to consult with their health care professional in advance of starting Plan Z.

Potassium Drop:
We’ve had a few reported instances where potassium levels have measured lower in Plan Z dieters. Here’s what we found in researching this topic:

There can be an almost reflexive drop in K with the initiation of a low-carb diet. The reduction is temporary and can be addressed by ingesting a little more sodium. (We recommend Plan Z dieters to consume grated, organic sea salt and not processed table salt.) The reduction in carbs (and presumed conversion to ketogenesis) temporarily affects the renin-angiotensin system of the kidneys and by adding sodium to the diet in the first 2-3 weeks, the kidneys then secrete Na instead of K, alleviating this temporary “potassium deficiency.”

Additionally, hypertension is often driven by insulin resistance, so if Plan Z dieters are becoming more sensitive to insulin by starting a low-carb diet, their BP might drop a bit and if they are on loop diuretics, they’ll start secreting K because of the medication, more so than what they might normally while on a loop diuretic for otherwise elevated BP. Here’s a link to a NCBI study that looks at this dietary drop in K:

Dieters eat real food from the grocery store.

On ZReduction, dieters eat 2 full meals or 2 smaller meals with 4 snacks. The majority of items are low carbohydrate. The recipes are characteristically EASY to make. Most take less than 20 minutes to prepare. Protein, vegetables and fruits are emphasized for the ZReduction portion of the diet. When dieters get to the ZReboot portion of the diet, more fats and oils are added back into the mix. The ZR50 Crave Control spray helps address the negative side effects of dieting which helps make dieters more comfortable throughout the process. The meals and snacks can be spread out in any order or amount throughout the day.

We recommend dieters drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and help in their weight loss. Latest studies show people should be drinking approximately 100 oz of water per day, or half of their body weight in ounces; whichever is less. We find that dieters who drink approximately 100 oz per day lose approximately 30% more weight than those who drink less.

We do not decaffeinate our dieters. Coffee and tea are both allowed. We recommend sparkling water with natural flavorings. Soda is not allowed.

You can contact us to see the comprehensive food lists we offer. We don’t tell our dieters what to eat. They choose what they want to eat from the approved food lists and can even eat in restaurants.

People say this doesn’t taste like a diet. They are not eating something they zapped in a microwave or something that came from a box. They are eating real food. Their families can eat the same foods in larger portions.

If you are overweight and struggling with obesity related health issues you can use your HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA (Flexible Spending Account) debit card to pay for Plan Z as long as it has a MasterCard or Visa logo on it. Just make sure your doctor submits a letter of medical necessity (or this form) to your insurance company so that the charge is approved. Keep a copy of your itemized Plan Z receipt for your records.

Health Insurance Reimbursement: If you have an obesity related illness and your doctor recommends you lose weight, Plan Z is likely covered by your insurance. Ask your doctor to give you a letter of medical necessity on their letterhead saying they recommend Plan Z. Click here to download a sample form of what the letter should look like. Or you can have them fill out this form. Take both forms to your doctor and let them decide which one they prefer to use. Submit the paperwork and your Plan Z packing slip to your insurance company for reimbursement.

All insurance coverages are different, so check with your insurance provider for more info or call us at 800-255-9853.

Our goal is to unwind 60 years of diet misinformation and give dieters a whole new route to follow. Dieters receive a manual that walks them through the program, and daily coaching emails that guide them step by step. The Plan Z staff is available to answer questions as fast as dieters can come up with them.

Dieters choose what they eat. They have the ZR50 Crave Control spray in their system to help curb the cravings. Dieters are not burning water weight. By eliminating sugars, starches and heavy fats we counter the effects of hyper-insulinism and get the liver and pancreas working in concert to provide proper digestion and dissemination of food so it fuels the body instead of mostly being turned into fat and waste.

We don’t take away fruit like other major low carb diets. Dieters decide what they are hungry for, make a grocery list and go buy their food. It is all very flexible.

As part of the structure we also afford an opportunity to communicate with fellow dieters. Dieters read their stories, post their own, ask questions and get answers. Of course you can get your answers from our team too but sometimes it’s just fun to share with other dieters. It’s all out in the open.

Our so-called “obesity epidemic” in the USA is only about thirty years old. We started to fatten up in the early 1980s shortly after the U.S. Senate passed its Dietary Guidelines for America (1977). The government advised us to reduce our fat consumption from 40% to 30% and replace the fat with carbohydrates.

Food companies jumped in and started making low fat, “diet” foods filled with enough sugar and high fructose corn syrup to make them palatable. We know that sugar is a main contributor to obesity in America but food manufacturers have not backed off on using varying forms of sugar in their recipes.

When we got fatter, they replaced natural sugars with artificial sweeteners, unnatural flavorings, and preservatives. These things reduce the natural sugar content in foods but they wreak havoc on your metabolism. And we still didn’t lose weight.

So, the “experts” told us that we needed to exercise more. What a monumental mistake. The problem is, while exercise may burn calories, it also stimulates hunger. After an intense workout your body will need to replenish the calories it just burned. How does it do that? By sending you signals that you’re hungry and you need to eat!

Today, Americans spend billions on diet foods and health club memberships – more than they ever had in the past. And yet, between 1998 and 2008, the number of “clinically” obese Americans grew 37% according to the Centers for Disease Control.

We now know fat doesn’t make you fat. Complex carbohydrates and sugar make you fat–especially the highly processed white carbs and the high fructose corn syrup that’s in most processed foods. These are the convenience foods that fill the shelves of our grocery stores.

Knowing why we get fat in the first place is the first step towards keeping the weight off. Plan Z takes a completely different approach to weight loss: we work on the body and the brain.

Once dieters finish ZReduction, we work with them for another six weeks. We introduce them to a new way of eating that includes many delicious dishes to help them maintain their weight loss. Our dieters report that they can eat MORE than they used to eat before they started the diet. They just have to eat the right stuff.

If you don’t believe us, here is what the latest research is saying:

Response written by Zola:

NO EXERCISE while you are losing weight.

I think exercise is great. I think it’s important. Right now my exercise regimen includes regular yoga and weight lifting.

What I will tell you though is we know two things about exercise. (Even the medical community will agree with me on this). Exercise will make you hungry and it will make you stronger. There are clear benefits.

While you are on ZReduction your energy is going to be put into enjoying the dieting experience. People who are seriously overweight have a difficult time approaching exercise and they take a deep sigh of relief when I tell them they don’t have to exercise to lose weight.

You are not going to lose muscle mass while you are on ZReduction. You’re only on it 50 days and if you don’t currently exercise, your lifestyle and routine are just going to remain the same. You ARE, however, going to lose fat.

When you get to the ZReboot phase of the diet we are going to recommend you find an exercise program that suits your lifestyle. If you want to tighten up the loose bits left after losing the weight, you’re going to have to exercise to tighten it up. Some tightening will occur naturally during a process we call ‘reshaping’ but for the bigger issues you’ll have to do a targeted routine.

To get stronger we are going to recommend you think about non-impact exercise. Things like yoga, pilates, weight lifting and more. Too much emphasis has been made surrounding exercises that tax your joints and your bones. There are plenty of things you can do that don’t wear out your skeleton. And they don’t all require a gym membership.

They might want to take a long walk in the sunshine and even include speeding up their pace so they get a bit of heart benefit in an aerobic mode. Some get heavy into gardening and growing their own veggies. You can take walks in the woods and learn how to forage for wild mushrooms. There’s a lot more to life than your TV screen or your computer.

The best part is when you get off a considerable amount of weight you FEEL like exercising. People say their joints don’t hurt as much. A whole world of activities opens up.

Response written by Zola:

There is no other diet company that has the same kind of guarantees that we do (at least not that I have found).

In fact, we have two guarantees for Plan Z.

The first one is our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you sign up for Plan Z, get the materials, review them and decide this diet just won’t fit your lifestyle you can return everything and we will promptly refund your money. Please note that you may not use the ZR50 and then return the materials.

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee allows you the opportunity to take the materials to your Health Care Professional for review if you want to. Health Care Professionals all over the country are beginning to recommend Plan Z. Some Health Care Professionals even have used Plan Z as their own weight loss plan. It’s catching on. In fact, it’s mushrooming.

We are not one of those companies that publishes a return phone number that no one answers. Stay away from those folks. They just want your money and then they run.

We have another unique guarantee. I call it the Skeptic’s Guarantee. Why? Because with all the hype in the diet industry I feel you have every right to be skeptical. My own skepticism slowed me down in starting this company because I did not want to be associated with all the charlatans that jump on board the diet industry wagon. I believe an educated and wary customer is a smart one.

With the Skeptic Guarantee you’ll fill out a one page questionnaire so we can get to know your issues and why you might be skeptical. We just need to gather a starting evaluation point. Then you’ll pay for Plan Z and start.

You will have 9 days during which YOU get to evaluate how well Plan Z is working for you. You’ll have a special coach who will help you get on a solid footing with the diet and that person will be there for the full nine days to answer questions and help you in whatever ways we can.

At the end of Day 9 you’ll evaluate whether you feel you have lost a reasonable amount of weight on Plan Z. If the answer is yes, you’ll continue. If the answer is no, you’ll have the option to pack up everything and send it back. We’ll even pay the return postage. We’ll then give you all of your money back, minus $135. That means it will only have cost you $15 a day to see if we measure up. Please note that you may only use up to 2 bottles of the ZR50 during these 9 days. If you use additional bottles or fail to return the unused bottles, additional fees may apply.

But I assure you we measure up. I can count the number of Skeptic Guarantee refunds I have given out without running out of fingers or toes. People love this diet.

“You have blessed me beyond my wildest dreams. Since my mid 20’s my weight has been a yo-yo. To be fit took Spartan efforts or gimmicks. Your gift of sharing Plan Z has allowed me to first lose but then maintain using the Z Life methodology…. It’s like the reset button to start again in Z Life. It keeps hope alive and because I know it works, my confidence in my diet is resolved. You guys are the best.” – Dieter Chuck

“I have lost the 20 lbs I wanted to and will look beautiful in my wedding dress…thanks to you bringing the Zola diet to me! Everyone is commenting on how great I look and I wanted to tell everyone about the Zola diet. I then realized that some are very “skeptical” about losing so much weight so fast and do not understand the whole theory. I am anxious to go into Z Reboot and then maintenance to prove to them that this is for real! A real way to reset my metabolism once and for all!” – Dieter Dede – the bride

“The recipes are outstanding. I served them to guests and they didn’t know they were eating ‘diet food.’ I stuck with it and lost 20 pounds! I have not had this kind of success with ANY diet I’ve tried!” – Dieter Survey

“Life saving, easy to do, food is absolutely delicious.” – Dieter Survey

“I will continue to move to the healthy side of life and that I will be committed to living here. I owe it to myself, my husband, my kids, my siblings, and my future grand kids. I want to be around to enjoy them. And eating this way is not deprivation. It is glorious and beautiful. In fact, this weekend my sister and I made my parents the roast pork tenderloin with sun-dried tomato gravy and my mother proclaimed it ‘gourmet.'” – Dieter Diane

“Love you” is not too strong. Thank you my friend. You have given me the life I always wanted to live. – Dieter Survey

“I think us Zola dieters have so much in common…and we are just so thankful to have access to the [Plan Z by] Zola diet…I couldn’t have continued my weight loss or maintain any loss without this…I couldn’t ever totally change my ”mind” without this diet and I thank God for it every day!….Sometimes it’s just hard to find the words…the possibility of being able to meet your true ”goal” brings tears to my eyes…especially when people tell you it’s impossible…I never believed it…I always knew it was possible and had so much hope alive in myself. Thank you to the whole Zola team…I am on my 2nd reduction currently…day 23 and another 14.4 pounds down.” – Dieter Survey

“I have to tell you – I am getting so excited for the next phase of my adventure – food has started to taste so amazing to me, and I am so excited to see how other things taste as I can add them back into my life. Plus, my daughter is learning such good examples by now having more fruit options in her life, and she is even trying a few of my veggies which she would NEVER do before – it is great!!! I love when I can make something that the whole family can enjoy – like sloppy joes and the mini meatloaves – amazing!!!” – Dieter Liz

“The recipes are beyond fantastic…I have dieted and dieted and dieted so many times and I’m also a fan of positive thinking so I’m straddled between “is this really going to work?” and “OMG, is it possible I will NEVER have to think about my weight again?” Like if I could do that, there would be so much energy to put into other things…I have “only” 20# to lose, and I’ve done it before — a few times keeping it off for a year (which I viewed as a success). Isagenix, The Diet Center (in NY) and The French Diet which consisted of bootleg appetite suppressants flown in from Paris in a plain brown wrapper (can’t believe I did that). BUT after that diet I absolutely cannot take appetite suppressants anymore — makes me jerky, head spinning, dry mouthed. In my work, I have to think, negotiate, and do research — I can’t mess with my head. And voila! The Zola remedy (ZR50) is unrecognizable in my system. No change in mental gymnastics….The constant communication is also great. If you can anticipate what people are experiencing and clue them in — who wants solace? I want solutions! — Then you’re offering a great service above and beyond the typical diet. It’s a great education. Every day I’m prompted to read more and more. It would seem this is very scientific and a delicate balance to achieve. Carry on! I’m in!” – Dieter Barbara

  • Rolland Johnson, Chairman and CEO, Three Eagles Communications, former Chairman of Telecom. Dept., Indiana, Univ., rancher raising American Devon Milking cattle.
  • John Morgan, MRPharmS, RSHomeopathy, Founder and MD, Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy, Kent, England
  • Sverre Roang, Shareholder, Whyte Hirshboeck, Dudek S.C., Ranked in Chambers (2009-2013), JD, cum laude, Univ of WI, 1994.
  • Dr. Cliff Mauer, Practicing Partner, WholeHealth Chicago, Board Certified Chiropractic Physician and Integrative Medicine practitioner.
  • Jerry Freund, President, MidAmerican Printing Co. Chicago, IL, Entrepreneur.

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Nurse Practitioner Joanne lost 75 pounds on the Plan Z Diet.