My self-esteem has returned

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When Dieter Jim found Plan Z, he weighed in at 235 pounds.  Jim lost 35 pounds with Plan Z and came back for another round for a total loss of 67 pounds.  His strongest motivator? The arrival of a new grandchild.  Below is his story written in his words.

 By September of 2012, I had gained a new granddaughter and, unfortunately, enough extra weight to put me at 230 lbs. The fact that I couldn’t exercise during the first phase of Plan Z was attractive to me. I jumped up to 235 pounds after my Binge days. In my first reduction phase, I lost 35 pounds. My 2nd reduction phase resulted in another 32 pound loss. At one point a couple weeks into Zlife, I was down a total of 69 pounds from the 235 in November of 2012 to 166 in September 2013.

Today, almost 4 ½ years later, I fluctuate within 5 lbs of the 175 lbs when I ended my 2nd reduction phase. If I gain a little, I know what to do to lose it again. I’ve had continued contact with Zola for her advice and opinions. She is GREAT!!! Pay attention to the Tuesday calls as well. For the first two years, I was working and couldn’t attend live, but the recordings are always there for you to go back and listen to. The coaching is excellent and Damian & Jen were always there to keep me on track.

The ZR50 spray helped me to accomplish my goal as I was never hungry while on the diet. I also increased my water intake to a minimum of 96 ounces per day. I still use many of the delicious recipes available from Plan Z. And the manual is so helpful, even to this day.

My wife and daughter have gained residual benefits from my new way of eating. One of these is the fact that I no longer snore to keep her awake at night. My self esteem has returned, I’m now wearing the same size jeans that I wore in high school, and I can run after my grand kids without losing my breath!! Can’t believe it was like carrying a 35 lb bag in each hand for all these years.

Thanks for sharing your journey with us Jim!