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“Hack” is a new slang word for trick.

So what we are going to talk about today is kitchen hacks that make your life easier, and maybe more creative or efficient in the kitchen.

Let me give you one example from my home.

My husband likes to hard-boil eggs for his breakfast. He often makes a half-dozen at a time. That means if he started with a full dozen, there are six eggs left in the carton. He wants to store them in the same carton so when he goes to pull out one of the eggs and he’s hoping it’s hard-boiled, how does he tell them apart?

Here’s the easy way. Choose an egg. Spin it on the counter like a top. If it spins in a circle like a top that means it’s hard boiled. If, when you spin it, it wobbles around on the counter that means the yolk is not yet cooked, and it’s bouncing around inside of the egg. That’s a fresh egg, so don’t crack it if you are looking to eat a hard-boiled egg. Use those to make scrambled eggs or a cake.

I came across a post on the internet that was featuring “25 Amazing Kitchen Hacks.” I had to check it out. I learned a few things and found some oldies I had totally forgotten about. Or it made me think of things I do that were not even on the list.

I thought you might be interested in kitchen hacks, so I am providing a batch of them for you to dive into. These kitchen hacks all come from the Cooking Light Magazine crew so I am confident they are all going to work. Check them out and feel free to share some of your own.

Interesting thing I found in my research… kitchen hack blog posts are very popular! I found zillions of them. All you have to do is Google “Kitchen hacks” and a variety of sources will come up. If you are really into this, here are a few more I book marked for you.

Two of my faves in this list are freezing herbs in garlic oil for winter cooking and using a grill pan as a waffle maker. I got rid of my waffle maker so I am going to remember this one!