8 Great Reasons To Start Plan Z Now

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Anytime you are mentally preparing to do a diet you go through a process. Most folks have to finally get angry enough at their current situation that they decide it’s time to act. And Act NOW.

When they call us to sign up for Plan Z we hear the stories. They talk about how they have listened to the commercials (often times for several months), but they always had an excuse not to pull the trigger and start Plan Z.

Folks…most of the excuses are gone now. Any of these sound familiar?

  1. Your Buddies. This is one time your buddies are not going to be calling you to talk you into going to the bowling alley and drink beer. You’re all at home.
  2. Eating out. Your favorite restaurant is closed. You might still be able to go through a drive-through and feed your fear while you fill your stomach with garbage. Instead, while you’re on Plan Z you can eat amazing, fresh food.
  3. Take Control. Being at home opens up time to cook. Control what you put in your mouth. Follow a simple Plan Z recipe and everyone in the family can eat healthier and enjoy it. We even have recipes that teenagers love.
  4. Your Health Can Improve. People with the pre-existing conditions that put you in extra danger can be helped quickly. I can’t make medical claims, but people call us all the time to say their blood pressure is normalizing within the first week or two on Plan Z. Same goes for improvement in sleep (less snoring). Same for blood sugar dropping to normal levels. And more.
  5. The Butterfly Effect. The weight loss part of Plan Z is only 50 days long. You won’t be seeing a lot of people during this time. So imagine what it would be like to come back out into the world after 50 days and be an average of 31 pounds lighter. Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon.
  6. You’ve Got the Time. The biggest excuse for not dieting is you’re too busy. Well, right now you’re not commuting anywhere. You just got that time back. You may or may not even be able to do your job. You might have lots of time on your hands. Let’s put it to good use.
  7. Save Money. The money you’ll be saving by not going out to restaurants and bars can be used to pay for Plan Z.
  8. Lower Price. I have decided to extend the biggest sale we do each year. The lowest price on Plan Z is here, right now. You can get started for under $150. Make a few payments. And if you need a longer payment schedule than we normally offer, just give us a call. We’re open to ideas and adjustments for your budget.

The lady who told me she could not start Plan Z yet because she had a birthday party to attend and she would be too tempted to eat birthday cake has no excuse anymore. Party cancelled.

You have an opportunity to have a party for one right now. Or diet with an at-home buddy and party together. Every time people get on the scale while they do Plan Z they do a little happy dance.

Is it time for you to join the Plan Z party and do your own little dance?

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