Hero Mommy

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It was late afternoon. I was at the grocery store picking up a few items to make dinner.

I passed two women greeting each other. One of them had a young daughter in tow. The girl was maybe 7 years old. The moms were maybe in their late 30’s.

We were all in the dairy section; the area with the big refrigerators full of milk and cream. The ladies were separating when the little girl blurted out to her mom, “Can I have one of these bologna, cheese and cracker combos? PLEASE!” She was jumping up and down for emphasis. Her mom told her “no” and kept walking. Then she stopped suddenly, right near me, and said out loud to herself, “Wait a minute. This is one of those life experience moments.” She turned to her daughter and said, “Come back over here,” and she walked to the refrigerated case that held the bologna, cheese and cracker combo packs.

“I’ll let you get one of these, but here’s the deal. We will read the ingredients list on the back and if there’s anything on the list we can’t pronounce, you’ll promise me you’ll put it back.” The young lady nodded in agreement. She took the package from her mom and started reading the list out loud. As I was getting my cream from the refrigerated case I heard her say, “bologna, cheese…”

As I was walking away I heard her continue the list and then I noticed silence. I could not help myself. I stopped and looked back.

The young lady had her arm outstretched and she was letting go of the bologna, cheese and cracker package. She was letting it drop into the refrigerated case. Then she skipped away. Her mom retrieved her cart and off they went.

Off I went too, toward the check-out, but as I walked, I mentally pumped my fist and I smiled.

I thought to myself, That mom is my hero today, and that young girl has a healthy life in her future.



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