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Let’s face it. This inflation thing is eating our lunch. Sometimes literally!

I’m recommending that in order to fight some of the inflation issue you consider a few behavior changes.

Eat real food. Real food costs less. If the grocery store prices make you want to scream consider going to your local farmer’s market. Buying local makes it fresher, more special and most times even cheaper.

Cooking your own food costs a lot less than eating the same thing in a restaurant. You’re probably going out less now anyway. Get the family together and cook together.  Crank up the music and dance while you stir the pot.

Eliminate your current snacks. Cut the carbs. Snack on fresh strawberries instead of orange puffs. You get the idea.

Cut back on the alcohol. Even just a smidge will help the budget. Nothing like a cold one on a hot day but between every drink with alcohol you could insert one that’s made with a base of sparkling water.

Quit buying everything in a box. All those boxes in the freezer section have to be brought in by truck. With today’s gas prices you’re paying for that truck to get to your local store.

You’ll be proud of yourself if you do make some changes while this is going on. Being happy with yourself helps a lot.