Mexican Food In Summer

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What is it with summer and Mexican food? Seems like every cooking website has several Mexican recipes featured during summer. I checked out a few recently and every one of them featured a grilled taco of some kind. Most folks love tacos so I guess that makes sense.

My real theory is it has more to do with the climate in Mexico. It is always summer in Mexico. Even when it’s winter it feels like summer. The temps across the whole country range from 50 -90 degrees with an average humidity of 70%. That smacks of tropical across the board.

I think most folks have been to Mexico at least once. Once you’ve been there you can almost conjure up the Mexican atmosphere in your brain. The smells, the palm trees and beaches, drinks like margaritas and cold beer, and of course the food. The best taco I ever ate was a grilled fish taco in Cancun. I don’t really like Cancun that much, but the taco was amazing.

My favorite city in Mexico is San Miguel de Allende. I’m not a big fan of heat and humidity. San Miguel is up in the mountains at 5000 feet. It’s cool in the mornings, gets up to maybe 80-85 degrees during the day and by early evening it has cooled down again so if you’re dancing at some rooftop club, you’re not all sweaty. There are plenty of trees but no beach. No sand. The architecture is amazing though. Check out a few pics here:










I’m featuring three Mexican dishes I have come up with recently. They are all really easy to make; all part of a low carb lifestyle. They taste as good in the winter as they do in summer. They don’t all photograph well but much of the food served in Mexico is not all that pretty. It’s simple food with a pleasant, down-home feel. A pile of pinto beans will never look pretty but they taste great.

Try these:


Low Carb Foldover Quesadillas
Low Carb Foldover Quesadillas


Upside Down Tamale Pie


Chicken Enchilada Suizas Casserole

And enjoy Summer.