My Friend Biggie – A Christmas Story

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I haven’t actually met my new friend in person yet.  I’ve only talked to him by phone and corresponded with him by email.

I know he’s 31 years old.  He works as a producer on the local morning radio show in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  He lives with his mom and likes to cook.

His real name is Josh, but his friends and his radio listeners call him Biggie.  They call him that because Josh has a serious weight problem. Always has.

And that’s about to end.

You see, Josh has just completed his first round of Plan Z.  Josh lost 55 pounds in just 48 days. Josh’s is thrilled. Josh’s doc is thrilled.  Josh feels so much better already.  You can see how much better he feels by taking a look at his picture.

A few days ago he cut a commercial for us talking about Plan Z and it had the funniest story in it.  I want to share.

Josh had a problem.  He was invited to a Christmas party and he didn’t have a thing to wear. Now, you usually hear that from a woman but in Josh’s case it was literally true!

He went to his closet to try to find a nice outfit to wear. He knew he’d be wearing a Christmas sweater but now it was time to go through his closet and find a pair of dress pants.  Josh could not find any pants that fit. All of his dress pants were so big on him he couldn’t even hold them up with a belt. Same for his jeans!  He literally could not find a pair of pants that would stay on him at the party.  Thankfully he had some athletic shorts with an elastic band that would stay on.  So here’s a guy who went to the Christmas party wearing a Christmas sweater over his shorts.

I’m sure it was quite the conversation piece at the party.

And I think Santa has a hint what Josh needs for Christmas.

For This Week’s Featured recipe I wanted to give you a treat–my Dark Chocolate Peanut Clusters. There’s still time to make these before Christmas. If there is such a thing as “healthy candy,” this just might qualify.

Enjoy your Holidays!



While developing Plan Z, I never really thought much about what I now call the Crunch Factor. I was never the kid in our family that face-planted in the bag of potato chips. I left that to my brothers. I went for the donuts.

Resistant Carbs

Without going all science on you, the idea of resistant carbs is they are not digested the same way as regular carbohydrates. Resistant carbs are digested further down in your digestive tract so they don’t spike your insulin levels like regular carbs do. That’s good news for anyone who’s Type 2 Diabetic or anyone who’s trying to live a low carb lifestyle; like Plan Z dieters do.

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