Porterhouse Primer

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As one of 7 children, I didn’t eat a lot of steak as a child. There were just too many mouths to feed and we couldn’t afford it.

I do remember when most of the older kids had left home, my parents took to serving fondue on Sunday evenings. There were just 2 of us kids of steak-eating-age at the time, so we were allowed little bits of steak that we could cook in the boiling oil of the fondue pot. Truth be told, we had more chicken bits to put in the pot than we did beef cuts, but we were allowed a little bit. We knew it was a fancy deal.

Fast forward to my young adulthood. I went on a trip to New York City where I saw my first dry aged meats hanging in the famous Gallagher Steak House. That was about 40 years ago, but Gallagher’s still exists. In this picture you can see the dry aging room.

That evening I had my first T-Bone Steak. BIG YUM. I was hooked.

I have grown more fond of eating beef tenderloin now, rather than any other cut. I really think it’s because I find the tenderloin of a manageable size. If you want a hint of what tenderloin to order from your butcher, ask the butcher for 6-8 oz size and “center cut”. That’s the important bit. A center cut steak won’t have any of those strings holding wobbly bits together. A center cut steak is the most prized and comes in one piece.

Whenever I start to gain a few pounds I do a modified version of a steak day that is offered as part of Plan Z. What that means is, I eat lightly through the daytime; maybe just a salad. Then when dinner comes I have an 8 oz beef tenderloin with sides of veggies. Honestly, I wake up two pounds lighter each time I do it.

Tonight I’m cooking up my modified steak day plan and I’m going to be inventing a new porcini mushroom sauce to go with it. Truly decadent. I ate very lightly today and I’m starving so I’m ready for my steak. So very ready!

I thought you’d enjoy this little lesson on the Porterhouse steak. A porterhouse includes the tenderloin section.

There are informational pieces in this Porterhouse Primer that I didn’t even know and I’m a pretty big student of the steak. So I hope you take a look, a listen and pass it onto other steak lovers.