Required Reading

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I’m definitely not one to read the op-ed page. In fact, I don’t even read the newspaper. Okay, okay. In the interest of full disclosure, I might read my horoscope when I find the paper left on the kitchen counter by my husband. And on Sundays, I love to read the magazines inserted into the paper; things like Parade Magazine.

That doesn’t mean I walk around with my head in a hole, though. I am a bit of a news junkie. I watch the national news like I’m addicted to it, and I also watch our local news to catch up on what’s happening in Chicago. While I’m reading Parade Magazine, I probably have a news program going on the TV, at the same time. When I’m in my car, I invariably have a news-talk station on. WGN is my fave.

So why am I asking you to read this offering in the NY Times’ Op Ed Page?
It’s because I think it should be required reading for every adult on the planet.

When people ask me what I ate for breakfast I tell them that I made a smoothie. It had full fat Greek yogurt in it, frozen strawberries, unsweetened almond milk, a bit of vanilla and stevia and some flaxseed oil. They invariably exclaim that I must be mistaken. I did buy the 0% fat yogurt, right? NOT the full fat stuff – that stuff will make you fat!

And I come back with, “No it won’t. It’s the low fat stuff with the artificial flavorings, artificial sweeteners and the sugar that will make you fat.” Just because they sell that stuff doesn’t make it good for you. Just because the marketers tell you it’s better for you doesn’t make it true. And just because government guidelines tell you that’s what you’re supposed to eat doesn’t mean they’re right.

So read this and get the lowdown on what the federal government’s Dietary Guideline did to us as a nation. It’s time for change.

I’m not a political activist, but I’d like to see those running for President talk about THIS. The obesity crisis is the biggest problem we have. Literally.