Say Cheese!

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Getting your information from the internet can give you scary results. What do I mean by ‘scary’? I mean false. There are things published on the internet that are patently wrong. Reader beware.

On the other hand, the internet is the biggest source of information on the planet. I remember the days when that shelf that held up the encyclopedia set in the hallway outside my bedroom was my biggest source of information; that and our local library.

So much has changed.

The science has changed and so has the delivery mechanism. The entire world of libraries now sits on my desk. The internet can be just as much your friend as your foe. I, for one, cannot figure out how I ever lived without it.

In designing Plan Z, I spent countless hours on the internet doing research. I spent 18 months just researching homeopathy to design the ZR50 Reduction formula that helps dieters diet comfortably. Some things require countless hours because they are complicated; like homeopathy. Others take countless hours because you have to keep finding more and more references that support an idea you are considering. I give a ton of credit to Chris, VP Anger Management for doing so much research on the things in our Plan Z coaching. He’s a lifelong learner and possesses endless curiosity.

As part of Plan Z we launched an effort to unwind over 50 years of dieting misinformation and get you proper information backed up by today’s science. Some of the things we learned about dieting are so ingrained in us after so many years, it’s hard to believe they could not be true. We all believed things like:

“Fat makes you fat.”

No it doesn’t. Carbohydrates do.

“A calorie is a calorie; whether you get them from carrots or cookies, they’re all the same.”
No again. Check out Dr. Lustig, a major contributor to the science that proves our bodies process calories differently. It depends on what we’re eating.


“Calories in and Calories out. Eat less than you burn and you’ll lose weight.”
Tell that to any post-menopausal woman and you’ll see flames coming out the top of her head from her frustration of trying to lose weight as she ages. It’s not how much you eat. More so, it’s what you eat.

So, I get to my question of the week. One of our dieters astutely asked that if I am suggesting adults should not drink cow milk, then why do I suggest cheese and yogurt are okay. They are all forms of dairy. It was a GREAT question, and if I didn’t have this little piece of information in my back pocket, I would have started to second guess myself and go do more research. I think you’ll find this interesting. I’m from Wisconsin, The Dairy State, and I found it fascinating.



So there you have it.

I liken this piece to an entertaining delivery of good, hard science. I’m sure the American Dairy Association doesn’t agree with a word of it, and my heart goes out to dairy farmers across the nation. I’m sure they could all send me to information that would refute this presentation. Then again, it’s like the guy in the video said…it’s all lobbying.

My husband often quotes Socrates in his speeches. Socrates once said, “I cannot teach a man anything. I can only get him to think.”

This whole cheese thing might need more research, but five years ago I gave up my gallon a day milk habit of cow milk and switched to coconut milk or almond milk, yet I still eat my share of cheese and yogurt. Pretty much daily. And I still think cows are cute.