Your Cheating Mouth

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People are always asking me what the consequences are if they cheat on a diet. I always answer the same way.

It depends.

There are some minor cheats you can make on a diet without putting yourself in the penalty box.

There are other things you can do to cheat on a diet that can have lasting effects and might even sabotage you altogether. The baseline thing you have to remember is that if you cheat you are only hurting yourself. So why do it? If you’re on a diet that has a time limit like Plan Z does (48 days of ZReduction) it’s really not worth it to set yourself back by cheating. You want to maximize your results.

That said, let’s say you’re a guest at a wedding coming up. You know there are going to be temptations all around you. It’s just one day and likely just one meal. If you can’t eat ahead and just socialize, then what’s the strategy if you’re convinced you’re going to cave? Here are some hints on things you can do that you might get away with.


If that’s your downfall, your best bet is to have a glass of champagne when they toast the bride and groom, and quit then. That’s about 100 more calories and not a lot of carbs. You’ll probably get away with one glass of any wine. If you don’t like wine and opt for a cocktail, make it a clean one. What do I mean by that? Choose one that’s low carb. That would be a martini, a manhattan or something with soda as a mixer; like vodka/soda. Make it just one. You’re likely to get drunk really fast.

Stay away from the punchbowl, the beer or anything with sugar. Keep one hand full at all other times with a glass of sparkling water with a lime or lemon slice in it. Your pressuring relatives will think you’ve got a vodka-soda in your hand and hopefully leave you alone.


If you’re going to over eat, make it the protein and veggies. You can always have a bit of extra steak. Steak energizes your liver and your liver controls your digestive rate. That’s not so bad but make sure it’s lean. I only eat tenderloin when I’m reducing. I know it’s a splurge but it’s the safe bet. You can always have a huge salad; not so much because you feel like you should be a rabbit but because it will take you a long time to eat it and everyone else will be done with their plate and you can just stop. If you are going to over-indulge on any other veggies, pick things like tomatoes, cucumbers and celery. They are all full of water and fiber. Safer bets. Stay very far away from any potatoes.


Head for the shrimp. That’s more low fat protein. The cocktail sauce won’t set you back too much, either. Eat just one or two to make it look like you’re splurging and then go talk to people and get away from the appetizer buffet.




Choose a fruit option, like strawberries and cream, or a fruit custard. If you are hell bent on eating that wedding cake, take just one bite and get up and go to the bathroom or head outside for a breather until they clear the table. If you’ve been going without sugar long enough that stuff isn’t even going to taste good. You might be heading for the nearest planter, or reaching for a napkin to spit it out.



This is not about choosing one cheat from each category. It’s really about not cheating but if you must, try to pick your favorite one and not all four. You pick all four and you’ll pay the price. You’ll also be ravenously hungry the next day and will have to go through a bit of detox…again.

I’d rather get an email from you that talks about how proud you are that you didn’t cheat. Those are my favorites and far-and-away the favorites of the people who write them. But, if your cheating mouth is going to get the best of you, at least you have this primer on how to screw up “not so badly.”


For This Week’s Featured Recipe we’re keeping it light, simple and fresh. My Orange-Strawberry Dessert is super easy to make and will satisfy your sweet tooth without overindulging your waistline.




Enjoy – but don’t enjoy too much.