Pizziola Sauce

This is a great Italian sauce that you can serve with steak, chicken or fish. You can eat it warm or cold.

Fresh Tomato Dressing

This creative dressing comes to us from Plan Z dieter Maria. This is perfect for those that want a dressing that has more…

Bloody Mary Dressing

This dressing is really good. If you like Russian dressing you might consider this Russian dressing’s cousin. Just whiz it up and…

Versatile Asian Sauce

I have made this sauce and used it several ways. I use it as a marinade and grilling sauce. I also use it in stir fry. It is…

Asian Garlic Dressing (Hot or Cold)

This dressing can be served warm over spinach to wilt a salad. It can also be stored cold if you would like cold Asian dressing.…

Balsamic-Pesto Dressing

I made this dressing to mimic what you’d get in a large steakhouse. YUM!

Roasted Tomato Salsa

Serve this salsa over a grilled chicken, grilled fish or even your favorite meat. You can also, of course, serve it with chips!

Salad Dressing for ZReduction

Making dressing is very easy on Plan Z by Zola. Here are some hints and tips that will help you add a little zest to your…

Barbecue Rub – Zola Style

This rub recipe that can be used on burgers, fish, chicken or any kind of meat.

Steak Sauce

This stuff tastes amazing on grilled steak, chicken, grilled shrimp. You name it.

Shallot Dressing

From Zola’s blender comes another dressing for Plan Z Reduction!

Roasted Tomatillo Sauce

Be creative. This is a zingy, zippy sauce. Leave out a chili if you want it less spicy. You could even take this sauce and serve…

Traditional, Smoky Barbecue Sauce

This barbecue sauce is most like the tangy sauces you find in a jar at the store. This just doesn’t have the nasty sugar they add…

Spicy Asian Dressing

This is a very spicy dressing. I served it over grilled chicken tenders on a big salad with raw veggies. Really flavorful.

“Not Heinz” Catsup/Ketchup and Cocktail Sauce

"I really wanted to have a cocktail sauce with my shrimp, so I did some exploring. This is an adaptation from Joy of Cooking. "

Herb Mustard Sauce

One of the most difficult things to do for the ZReduction phase of the diet is to come up with sauces that don’t taste sour. Not…

Apple Ginger Compote

This is a super-simple dessert or entrée accompaniment.

Fruity-Thick Salad Dressing

Gini did a great job of coming up with a sweet dressing. I can’t wait to try this on a spinach salad.

Red Wine Salad Dressing

Mix together – will keep in refrigerator for several weeks!

Tomato-Horseradish Dressing

You can eat this with the shrimp cocktail salad or serve it on greens as a salad dressing. As and oil-free dressing this is quite…

Asian Barbecue Sauce

For a change of pace you might like to try a barbecue sauce that has an Asian flair. This one is tangy, with a bit of fire to it.…

Lemon Pepper Cream Gravy

The lemon pepper cream tastes particularly delightful with chicken or turkey. It makes it very special.

Hot Asian Mustard Sauce

This mustard sauce served with grilled Chinese Eggplant is to die for. Big YUM! And so easy!