How to Buy Spaghetti Sauce

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People write to me all the time and they say something like this: “You taught me how to read labels as part of dieting. I had no idea how many products have sugar in them! I now know sugar is everywhere!”

Sugar may not be everywhere, but it sure feels like it sometimes. It’s work to find brands that don’t add sugar.

Take spaghetti sauce for example. Most brands have sugar in them. When Grandma made pasta sauce from scratch, she always added a bit of sugar. Some grandmas added a tablespoon of sugar. Some just a teaspoon. The theory was you needed the sugar to cut the acid in the tomatoes.

Fast forward to now and you’re more than likely to buy your spaghetti sauce at the grocery store than you are to make your own.

“So which one should I buy?”

The answer is simple. The one with no sugar in the ingredients list. Other than that easy concept, the choice is up to you based on what other ingredients you might be interested in that are also in the jar. Some have mushrooms added. Some have extra garlic or even roasted garlic. Still others might have green peppers and onions or even basil. Some are spicy. Some are mild. Reading the front of the jar will pretty much tell you what’s inside except for the sugar. You have to read the ingredients list to check for sugar.

I have my favorites but if it doesn’t have sugar in it, you’re ready to rock. Buy the one on sale. Or buy the one that has the picture of the famous guy on the front whose foundation gives the profits to charity. You choose. There are at least a dozen brands now that don’t have sugar in them. I could not say that 10 years ago. Then there were only one or two. Now you have choices.