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Lose at your pace. Get the spray you need, as you need it. Stay connected, access Plan Z recipes, coaching and ZTeam support.

Pay for the year and get the best price. (12 month subscription included in annual membership. After that, ZClub automatically renews for your convenience.)

Don’t want your membership to automatically renew?

Call us @ 800-255-9853.

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When you are ready to do your next round, you’ll order the bottles of spray that you need. We recommend ordering six bottles if you have more than 15 pounds to lose. If you are getting close to your goal however, you can get as few as three. Or, if you just want to do a short round, order three for that. If you need a new manual, or ZR42 Reboot spray you can order that, too.

When you’re ready to start the diet, you’ll initiate your daily coaching through the member website. Your coaching will arrive in your inbox each day and will help you maximize your weight loss. You’ll spray the Crave Control spray under your tongue as instructed in your manual. You’ll follow the program, and we’ll be there for you at every step.


How much does ZClub cost? $19/month. You can save even more by getting an annual membership for $150/year. ZClub members can purchase the spray they need by the bottle without having to pay the membership fees associated with a continuing round. Your cost will depend on how many bottles of spray you buy. Learn more about ZClub HERE.

I don’t like recurring charges. Can I pay all at once?
You sure can! Give us a call in the office at 800-255-9853 and we can set you up your annual membership to not renew.

What happens if I need to cancel?
You can cancel at any time through the site or by emailing us at customerservice@planzdiet.com. If you have a special situation, please call us at 800-255-9853 so we can help.

I want to buy 100 bottles of spray but the site will only let me order 8.
You’re limited to the amount of spray you can actually use. You’re still going through the 4-month diet each time you order (ZBinge, ZReduction, ZReboot and ZReboot 3.5). If you have a special situation, call us at 800-255-9853.

I want to order 12 bottles at once, one set for me and one set for my spouse/friend/coworker.
Sorry, ZClub memberships can’t be shared. One membership per person please.

I have a friend who wants to join Plan Z. 
That’s wonderful. Have them check out our website and order online or call 800-255-9853 to order over the phone. If your friend calls the office and mentions your name we’ll give them the lowest sale price available and give you a $40 credit to say thank you.

I only need three bottles to get me started.
Not a problem, you can order a set of three. Three bottles of ZR50 Crave Control spray is enough to last about 3-1/2 weeks. This is the perfect amount if you have less than 15 pounds to lose, or if you don’t have time in your schedule to diet for 50 days.

Can I order 2 bottles? Or 4? Or 5?
Sure. Once you’re a ZClub member you can buy individual bottles of spray. If you’d like to order a different number or bottles, purchase your ZClub membership first, then purchase your individual bottles through the shop page for ZClub members. You can buy as many as 8 at a time.

I want the ZR50-2 Crave Control spray.
That’s great. You can select either the ZR50 or the ZR50-2 spray when you place your order. If you’re not sure which spray is right for you give us a call in the office and we can help determine what’s best for you.

I want the ZR42 Reboot spray, how do I get that?
Give us a call in the office at 800-255-9853 and we can get that ordered for you. You do not need a ZClub membership to order ZR42 spray.

What’s the difference between ZClub and the recipes only membership?
A ZClub membership is for people who plan to continue losing weight. ZClub allows you to purchase spray by the bottle. If you are at your goal, have no plans to order more spray but want continued access to the recipes and the Plan Z education, check out our recipes only subscription.


(If you're still losing)
$19per month (limited time)
  • 1000+ recipes
  • Can buy Crave Control spray by the bottle
  • Can buy ZReboot spray by the bottle
  • Zola University content
  • Articles for living ZLife after Plan Z
  • Daily coaching emails while dieting
  • Plan Z Insider podcasts
  • Access to Zola, Chief Dieter
  • Access to Chris, VP of Anger Mgmt
  • Access to ZTeam staff and coaches
  • Plan Z private Facebook group
  • Live diet support via phone & email
  • Cancel anytime

Recipes Only

(If you're at your goal)
$5per month (limited time)
  • 1000+ recipes
  • Zola University content
  • Articles for living ZLife after Plan Z
  • Plan Z Insider podcasts
  • Access to ZTeam staff and coaches
  • Plan Z private Facebook group
  • Live diet support via phone & email
  • Cancel anytime
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