Plan Z Success Story
Debbie Lost 100.4 Pounds

“I just turned 58 and I’ve done the best I’ve ever done on any plan I’ve done. . . . Yes – you CAN do it. The way Plan Z is laid out, the manual, the way they support you, you follow it. It works. . . I feel amazing. I’ve learned how to eat correctly, the RIGHT way, the RIGHT foods.

My knees – I swore I needed knee surgery in both knees. Nope. They don’t hurt [anymore]. My back doesn’t hurt. I sleep better, I have more energy and I have my smile back.”

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The food is actually GOOD. It has taste to it!

When a guy posts on TikTok “I love this diet!” he gets our attention. Dieter Mike from Alexandria, Minnesota is a carpenter and a part-time cop. He’s an active guy yet he was hardly ever hungry. He feels extremely happy and healthy. “The manual is super easy. The food is actually GOOD. It has taste to it!”

Cubmaster Loses Over 80 Pounds

Dieter Neil from Laurel, Mississippi lost 81 pounds with Plan Z. His motivating factor was wanting to be a better role model for his family and the Scouts he leads.

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Dieter Glenda told us, "This has been the easiest diet plan I have ever done."

Defeating the Weight Loss ping-pong

Making healthy lifestyle changes doesn't mean saying goodbye to treats forever. Just take it from Dieter Bill who said, "If you’re an epicurean like I am, there is no need to be deprived on Plan Z at all. You’re going to find stuff that you love and it’s really good.

A New Found Love for Shopping

Dieter Kim wrote to us, "I had never dieted too much [because] I didn't think I had willpower but the crave drops helped with that. I know our stamina increased each day as the weight went down but WOW! I have always carried my weight in [my] hips and rear area and it is literally GONE!! No more big booty!!"

Weight loss after 40

Claire's 50-pound transformation shocked her friends, her doctor, and even her grandchildren. If you've been thinking about improving your health or shrinking your waist, take Dieter Claire's advice and, "Don't ever let anyone tell you it's too late to try."

A New Lease on Life

After losing 120 pounds with Plan Z, Dieter Jay is headed in a new, healthier, and liberated direction.

Does your metabolism slow with age?

Our favorite line from this interview? Dieter Clara told us, "The spray is the lifesaver, the crowning jewel in this program."

“I wish I didn’t wait so long.”

Dieter Gina found the "diet to end all diets" when she found Plan Z. She found out why she had been doing it wrong her whole life.

Husband and Wife Lose 130 Pounds Together

James and Peggy joined Plan Z together. Besides the incredible weight loss, Peggy hasn’t woken to a single migraine since she started Plan Z.

“This is crazy!”

“I was just shocked…I’m not doing any exercise, I’m just eating food and [the weight is] melting off. This is crazy but, hey, I was happy.”

54 pounds in 50 days!

Jeremy instantly noticed more mobility and greatly reduced joint pain after losing 54 pounds with Plan Z.

Taking Back Control

Dieter Sarah from Owensboro, Kentucky lost 26 pounds in 50 days with Plan Z.

Partners in Life and Dieting

“Get yourself a partner. Find somebody that you can go through [Plan Z] with because that is just such a huge – HUGE – advantage.“

More than a temporary fix

Dieter Dannette has been skeptical of the diet industry because no other plan has ever offered more than a temporary fix.  She was looking for a long-term solution.  That is why she finally decided to try Plan Z.

Conquer the Quarantine Fifteen

While stuck at home Dieter Hayley found herself surrounded by temptation and gained the dreaded quarantine fifteen. Luckily, Plan Z is the best diet to do when stuck at home because there's no exercise and it's all real food.

I can do anything for 50 days

Dieter Grant was pleasantly surprised by how much weight he lost. During his interview he told us, “I kept having to re-set my goals, it was working so well.”


Win bought the diet. He didn’t have to buy a new wardrobe. All his clothes fit now. Win Win.

The Closet Dilemma

Dieter Kate told us, “The hardest part of this diet, for me, has been keeping clothes in my closet that fit.”

I feel 110% better

Are you questioning dieting during a pandemic? Listen to Dieter Melissa’s interview and you’ll learn how “taking out the nasty stuff” like processed foods, excess sugar and artificial preservatives can help you combat stress and anxiety.