“This is crazy!”

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Dieter Paul from Janesville Wisconsin lost 48.5 pounds in 50 days with Plan Z.

Like most people, Paul was skeptical of a low calorie or reduction style diet.  What finally tipped the scale for Paul was learning that Plan Z offered a system for weight loss that didn’t require exercise.  Paul suffers from spinal stenosis, a condition that results from the narrowing of the spinal column and can cause pain, numbness, and muscle weakness.  To qualify for surgery to combat this condition, he needed to lose 130 pounds.  Fast forward 50 days and Paul is already more than a third of the way to his goal!  He was shocked at how it has “been remarkably easy.”

He also said, “I was just shocked…I’m not doing any exercise, I’m just eating food and [the weight is] melting off.”

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While the excruciating effects of his condition still plague him, Paul has been able to alleviate a lot of joint and back pain from his weight loss. Each day brings him closer to his goal and closer to qualifying for his surgery. Thanks to the education he received from Plan Z, Paul now has the tools to transform his lifestyle so that he never has to diet again.