Here Comes the Bride: Taunya Iverson

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In Owensboro, KY, Cromwell Radio General Manager Taunya was buying shirts that were long because she was trying to hide. After viewing herself in some pictures she said, “Oh my god what have I done!”

She had recently seen a coworker who had lost a lot of weight and kept it off, and asked them how they did it. The answer was Plan Z.

“I just need to do this and get back to being myself”

Fast forward to today and she’s lost 45 lbs. She no longer feels bloated, and no longer needs to drink mountain dew to keep herself awake.

Listen to her talk about her Plan Z experience in her own words by clicking on the interview below:

Taunya started Plan Z shortly after deciding to marry the love of her life.

By the time she went for her 2nd wedding dress fitting she was 4 sizes smaller than when she had picked the dress out, making quite a bit of work for the seamstress.

Now Taunya has also fallen in love with the Plan Z recipes. Some of them she knows by heart!

And her 17-year-old son tells her how proud he is of her for sticking with it and kicking those cravings.

Taunya says the most important thing to know is what to eat and what not to eat. With the education she got from Plan Z she’s able to keep the weight off, not just lose it.

“Stick with it, it’s definitely worth it.” — Taunya


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After losing 37 pounds I feel 100% better

I don't park in the handicap parking anymore, I leave that for somebody else who really needs it. I park further away but that's ok because I don't need a cane anymore. I feel 100% better...I just can't believe how much 37 pounds made a difference in my life. It's incredible.

Taking Back Control

Dieter Sarah from Owensboro, Kentucky lost 26 pounds in 50 days with Plan Z.

The food is actually GOOD. It has taste to it!

When a guy posts on TikTok “I love this diet!” he gets our attention. Dieter Mike from Alexandria, Minnesota is a carpenter and a part-time cop. He’s an active guy yet he was hardly ever hungry. He feels extremely happy and healthy. “The manual is super easy. The food is actually GOOD. It has taste to it!”

Cubmaster Loses Over 80 Pounds

Dieter Neil from Laurel, Mississippi lost 81 pounds with Plan Z. His motivating factor was wanting to be a better role model for his family and the Scouts he leads.