54 pounds in 50 days!

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Dieter Jeremy from South Carolina is a dedicated father and a hard-working husband who used to consider himself a functioning alcoholic. Jeremy fought with his weight for years. Recently, he decided to completely quit drinking alcohol which caused him to, “[lean] into the ice cream and cookies and things.” Hopping on the wagon uncovered intense aches and pains in his joints. He believes the alcohol was numbing the pain. During his interview, Jeremy said, “I had severe pain. I mean, just agonizing pain in my knees, in my back, in my elbows, in my neck. And it never really went away and I just dealt with it… I kind of knew in the back of my mind it was because of my weight.”

Dieter Jeremy hit a breaking point when he began struggling to get up from a seated position, and that’s when he turned to Plan Z.  He liked that Plan Z is an all real food diet with no shakes, pills, or surgeries. Jeremy didn’t need help with motivation; what he needed was clear directions. And that’s what you receive with Plan Z.

Dieter Jeremy lost a whopping 54 pounds in just 50 days. He averaged around one pound a day! He also re-ignited a past love of roller-blading and was able to get off his prescription for Nexium. His interview is very inspiring and entertaining. Have a listen below!