It’s a Whole New World

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“It’s a whole new world! My life’s back! That’s the best part. I feel like I got my life back,” says Dieter Dave after he lost 58 pounds on his first round of ZReduction. Dave has always been a runner; running 2-4 miles a day since his freshman year in high school but that wasn’t enough to keep the weight off.

“All the miles on the treadmill, 4 to 6 to 8 miles a night. I’d do that for days on end and maybe at the end of 3 months [I’d] be down 15 pounds.  How hard it was on the knees and the ankles and the hips and all that compression on the joints but I thought I was doing the right thing.”

Like most of us, Dave thought that more exercise and smaller portions was the solution until he received a new education on healthy eating from Plan Z.  Now, Dave eats more food then he did before. In fact, he’s had comments from family members saying, “Look at all that food! I’ve never eaten that much in my life.”  Dave found more benefits than a full plate.  He found a whole new world free from lower back and knee pain. He was able to get off his blood pressure medications too.  Now, his wife has hard time keeping up with him.

We asked Dave for some advice to our new dieters and he said, “Be patient.  You’re going to be so surprised when you get up every morning and step on that scale.”

Congratulations Dave!

Listen to his story below: