After losing 37 pounds I feel 100% better

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After David saw a long time friend of his have great success on Plan Z, he decided to try it for himself.

“I had handicapped plates on my car, and I was walking with a cane because I was in a lot of pain. And I spend an enormous amount of money on just my medication every month and my insulin (because I’m a diabetic). And I thought, you know, either I’m going to have to just lay down and die, or I’m going to have to do something about it.”

Although he was skeptical because of a negative experience with the Atkins diet, he ordered Plan Z and committed to the program. He stayed true to the program and followed it consistently. After 50 days, Dave lost 37 pounds. He was amazed, and his doctor was very impressed. Not only did Dave lose a lot of weight, but he no longer needed the high levels of diabetes medication that he was taking before.

“I don’t park in the handicap parking anymore, I leave that for somebody else who really needs it. I park further away but that’s ok because I don’t need a cane anymore. I feel 100% better…I just can’t believe how much 37 pounds made a difference in my life. It’s incredible.”

Listen to his inspirational interview.

“I’ve been really educated. Very educated. The videos and the stuff that you send us – I never miss one, I watch everything….I’ve learned how to eat. You wouldn’t think that’s something I would have to learn, but I learned what to eat and not to eat….

“If you’re going to commit to this, commit to it 100%. It’s not nearly as bad as you think as far as diets go. Nobody likes the word diet, but — wow. Once you start losing weight, and you will, you’ll be encouraged. Every time you look down at the scale it’s going to give you that much encouragement…This is a commitment, it’s a lifetime change, it’s a change for the better, you’ll feel better, you’ll look better, and your doctor will like you better. I guarantee it.”

— Dieter Dave