WPKO’s Sam Tyler: The Best Decision I Ever Made

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Sam Tyler, a former radio DJ in Bellefontaine, Ohio, is now living a whole new life after losing over 206 lbs on Plan Z. His manager encouraged him to try Plan Z, and although he was skeptical at first, he followed the program and lost 62 pounds in his first 50 days on ZReduction. After such astounding results, he was so motivated he continued with the diet and has lost 206 pounds to date.

“It sounds a little cliche, but I feel like a totally different person…I feel great, and not only physically I feel better but I’m emotionally more confident…it’s like I’m a whole new man….

“I was up over 500 pounds and you get used to [thoughts like] Oh, I can’t sit in that type of chair because the armrests are too narrow, or My knees hurt every day…I didn’t have diabetes or anything like that but I felt just, kind of sluggish all the time. Now that I’m eating healthier, I’m lighter and my body is able to take care of itself a little bit better I just don’t feel so slogged down….

“I think for me, the biggest thing was the diet doesn’t focus on what you can’t eat. You know, you do a lot of diets and it’s like, You can’t eat this, you can’t eat that, where with Plan Z it’s like, hey here are the things you’re allowed to eat. Let’s give you some recipes. Teach you to cook. Learning what I’m able to eat and learning how to prepare food for myself instead of just getting things, that’s the biggest thing because now I’m able to take those ideas and take those recipes with me to be able to maintain my weight now…Education is a huge part of this.”

And with the education provided by Plan Z, he’s sticking to that new life with ease.

Hear him in his own words below:

I feel flattered a lot of the time. Everybody in my family and my friends have been so supportive of me…it’s humbling – a very big deal.