More than a temporary fix

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Dieter Danette has been skeptical of the diet industry because no other plan has ever offered more than a temporary fix.  She was looking for a long-term solution.  That is why she finally decided to try Plan Z. Doing Plan Z helped her to lose weight fast and offered education to help her maintain her goal weight.

Being overweight and battling with chronic inflammation, Danette knew that losing weight would help. Carrying around all that extra weight affected her mood, her energy and physical well being. Even though she knew that putting better food in her body and removing excess sugar will reduce inflammation, she needed help and more guidance. That’s where Plan Z comes in. After purchasing the diet, Danette received an education that allowed her to lose 11 pounds in just 18 days. She was feeling good enough to skip around the house and she called it, “A 98% difference.”

She also said, “I feel so much better every day. It’s not hard to walk past the chips and the chocolate because I just feel so good.”

Have a listen to her interview below.


There are a lot of ways that carrying extra weight can affect your health and mental welfare.  If you want to get the weight off and keep it off, now is great time to try Plan Z. And consider this advice Danette received from her orthopedist,

“You have the power within yourself to make yourself feel better by eating better.”