Taking Back Control

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Dieter Sarah noticed her body slowly changing since becoming a mother. She started to feel hopeless and thought the change was inevitable, that it was out of her control.  Her boyfriend suggested she try Plan Z and all of that changed.  Dieter Sarah received, “a whole new outlook on how to manage [her] health and [her] weight.”

Sarah had tried other weight loss programs in the past like Weight Watchers and Atkins.  All these programs helped her get the weight off but only Plan Z taught her how to keep the weight off. Sarah lost 26 pounds in 50 days and said, “The weight just kept coming off.”

The re-education Sarah received with Plan Z empowered her to take back control of her health. Now she’s outside playing more, and her daughter told her that, “She thinks [she’s] a better mom now.”

After making such huge changes in such a short time her friends reached out and begged her for her secrets.  Even though the ZR50 Crave Control spray behaves like magic, the real trick is in the education and the support.  Sarah attributes her success to the amount of support the ZTeam provides and from her fellow dieters in our Insider’s Forum on Facebook.

Plan Z covers everything you need to know. Take it from Dieter Sarah, “No other program that I’ve done has really shown me how to change my lifestyle the way that this one has.”


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