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Weight Loss After 40

Claire’s fabulous results after losing 50 pounds.

Dieter Claire from Hattiesburg, MS challenged the population notion that there’s no chance of losing weight once you become middle-aged. Claire’s mother told her, “If you don’t get that weight off from the four kids by the time you’re 40, you’ll never lose it.” Claire proved this assumption is false when she lost 50 pounds with Plan Z. She also transformed her relationship with food.  She used to think of food as an enemy because she could never lose weight no matter how much she reduced her portions. The Plan Z protocol shifted Claire’s focus to macronutrients and wholesome food choices and she was surprised at how satiated she felt. In her interview, she said, “How can I be so full at lunch, be so full at dinner and wake up in the morning and lose weight?” Her mom would call this “Voodoo!”


Claire’s 50-pound transformation shocked her friends, her doctor, and even her grandchildren. If you’ve been thinking about improving your health or shrinking your waist, take Dieter Claire’s advice and, “Don’t ever let anyone tell you it’s too late to try.”