Harry O Lost Over 150 Pounds on Plan Z

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Harry O, the radio show host for KLSS Star 106 in Mason City, IA is one of our most successful dieters to date.

Harry O lost over 150 pounds on Plan Z and has KEPT THAT WEIGHT OFF. He now wears a size 34 jeans. He is saving over $7,000 a year in medication alone and his C-PAP machine is collecting dust in his closet because he no longer needs it!

Harry O lost that weight in a short amount of time. In March of 2010, Harry O weighed 320 pounds. He’d tried many diets in the past but was frustrated with keeping the weight off once the diet ended.

“A lot of people might think, well, you’re in radio, you get heard, people look up to you, they talk to you all the time, you’ve got tons of friends and you have celebrity status — that doesn’t mean anything. I still had a lot of low self-esteem because of my weight…I was extremely frustrated with my appearance.”

As a radio personality who lives his life in the spotlight, each diet failure was frustrating…and humiliating. Although Harry O is a positive guy with a lot of energy, he was getting to the point where he thought he would have to be 320 pounds for the rest of his life.

Life In the Spotlight

However, once Harry O made the commitment to begin Plan Z, his life began to change. Immediately. After losing 14 pounds his first week he got excited. Those losses on his first week motivated him to keep on losing. Since that first week, Harry O continued to lose 47% of his body weight. And as he lost weight, his health continued to improve.

In 2012, Harry’s doctor declared that he is no longer a diabetic. Listen to Harry speak about how he no longer takes any medication, his blood pressure is back to normal and how his doctor called his weight loss the most amazing health transformation he’s ever witnessed.

Sound Familiar?

One of the biggest obstacles to losing weight is the tremendous amount of misinformation in the marketplace. That’s why 60% of the value of Plan Z is in the education you get as part of your Plan Z membership. When Zola started Plan Z, she knew that it would not be truly successful until dieters like Harry O were successful at keeping the weight off. We are proud to have Harry as a radio partner who truly understands the Plan Z diet and happily teaches listeners of KLSS about his success. Harry O changed his life. He inspired more than 1,000 listeners to lose over 30,000 pounds and get their lives and their bodies back.


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