A New Lease on Life

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Dieter Jay is an educator from Franklin, Tennessee, and a father of a teenage son.  He started Plan Z two months into the pandemic weighing in at 373 pounds.  He knew that being overweight could have disastrous implications if he were to contract COVID-19.  So he ditched the drive-thrus and made the leap to Plan Z. Jay lost 120 pounds and has a goal to lose even more. Beyond the numerous health benefits he experienced from his incredible weight loss, Jay gained a shift in perspective.  He learned that cooking can be fun and that it wasn’t as terribly inconvenient as he had once thought. During his interview he told Chris, “I found a new relationship with food: cooking, experimenting, and playing.”

Pictured above is Dieter Jay during his Zoom interview with our VP of Anger Management, Chris Lytle.

After losing what Jay jokes was the weight of his son off his back, he’s seeing the impact his choices have on his role as a father and mentor. Jay’s commitment to his health brought about a sense of accomplishment and liberation. This might be one of our favorite interviews. It is heartfelt and poignant.  Jay reminds us that truly taking care of ourselves requires prioritizing prevention. Before Plan Z, Dieter Jay was heading in the wrong direction fast. Now at 253 pounds, he is feeling better both physically and emotionally and has experienced a lasting shift in his mindset. Plan Z may have provided him with the tools, but it was Jay’s dedication and motivation that steered this journey towards success. Jay shared with us his keys to success when he said,

“The marriage of the behavior and the education and the support is what really made the difference for me.  You guys saved my life so, thank you.”