I’m not intimidated by my scale anymore

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Lucy tried almost every diet out there, with disappointing results. She did not know if she would ever find a diet that would work for her. After reaching out to Zola, she decided to try one more diet…and ordered Plan Z. Today she couldn’t be happier.

“What Zola promises, comes true. A pound, to a pound and so many ounces every day when you’re on [Z]Reduction. But, when you get off of [Z]Reduction, that’s when the whole “shaping thing” starts to happen. I mean, I looked in the mirror and I thought, “What the heck is this?” I haven’t been doing any aerobics, I haven’t been, lifting heavy weights, and all of a sudden, I have a waistline which I never had, never before. And there’s that little shape to your upper arm…I don’t know what it’s from. Is it your metabolism resetting itself? Did your metabolism do a complete 180, and now, all of a sudden, I have a waist. Clothes that I’d never worn in years are just slipping on. Now I have to look for belts because I tuck again. I haven’t tucked in 4 years…

I wanted to lose 25 pounds. I ended up losing 28-1/2 pounds and I stay within a pound and four ounces – I stay within that range.

Gee, I hope it lasts forever — I’m sure it will.

What I feel is that someone has taken an interest in me, that “someone” being Zola and the team. They’ve taken a personal interest in me as a dieter, and they want me to succeed.”

— Dieter Lucy

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