It Is A Life Changer

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Listen to Doug’s interview, which took place after Doug completed his first round. Since that time he’s lost a total of 84 pounds and married the woman he loves.



I started out as a skeptic at age 58. I was resigned to being “big” the rest of my life. I assumed when you get older you just pack on pounds. I signed up at the urging of a family member – that hurt! I have tried many of the different diets out there and had some minimal success but the weight always came back.

I was hopeful that I could maybe lose 20 pounds. Boy, was I wrong. The weight just started coming off and kept on coming. I eventually did four rounds. I was so happy to get to 200 and then the last round got me down to 177. I lost four inches in pants waist size and went from 2XL shirts to a size Large. I am happy that I have found something that works. I avoid all those bad foods: potatoes, noodles, pasta, bread and sweets and anything with sugar or HFCS….all the things I have learned from you!

I got married in November to the most beautiful lady and I am blessed in so many ways. One way is that I can be at this healthy weight and MAINTAIN it!

I want to be this thin the rest of my life. It is a life changer.

Thank you Zola!

– Dieter Doug