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Defeating the Weight Loss ping-pong

Dieter Bill weighing under 200 pounds for the first time since his twenties.

Robynn and Bill are long-distance diet buddies. They live in two different states. Plan Z was actually a Christmas gift, from Robynn to Bill. A gift of a healthier and more consistent future. Robynn’s goal was to lose the post-surgery weight of 15 pounds. Bill wanted to get his weight below 200 pounds. They both achieved their goals and valued different parts of the program. Bill loved the steady drip of education. Robynn loved the recipes. During their interview, she told us, “There was a simplicity in the recipes and they were absolutely delicious.” Now they both have more agency over their health and the tools to maintain control over their weight.


Making healthy lifestyle changes doesn’t mean saying goodbye to treats forever. Just take it from Dieter Bill who said, “If you’re an epicurean like I am, there is no need to be deprived on Plan Z at all. You’re going to find stuff that you love and it’s really good.”