Does your metabolism slow with age?

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Dieter Clara from Price, Utah, is a cherished mother, grandmother, and wife. Her commitment to her family shines through her voice during her interview. Along the path of raising her six children, Clara maintained her petite figure. She hadn’t need to pay much attention to how or what she ate.  When her youngest son reached his teenage years, Clara’s free ride on the thin-waist train had come to an end. She started to slowly gain weight. The typical outlook in this situation is that Clara’s metabolism had slowed with age. She should just accept that there isn’t much she can do to change her weight; it was out of her control. With Plan Z, she learned that growing older in years doesn’t have to mean growing larger in size.

Clara lost 27 pounds with Plan Z. She loved that Plan Z wasn’t a temporary fix. This program provides an education that lasts a lifetime. She found Plan Z to be a versatile program that can fit many different lifestyles and routines. She recounts numerous resources that helped her along the way, a comprehensive index in the manual, little hints that come in the form of daily emails, and support from Zola and the ZTeam whenever she needed it. Now Clara has the know-how to maintain her weight and still enjoy her favorite homemade peanut butter fudge.

Below is a copy of the testimonial she emailed to the ZTeam. Thanks for sharing your story, Clara!

I had a slight heart attack when I was 70 years old. My family has a history of heart trouble. This was a concern to me and I knew I needed to lose some weight. My son-in-law is a Physician’s Assistant by trade. He looks after my health. One day as we were discussing how I was coming along with the improvement of my health, I told him that I was having a hard time losing any weight. He informed me that I really could not do anything about it, short of cutting back on calories and exercising. He said that my metabolism was set. I asked about anything I might be able to do to correct this at my age. He told me that it would be too risky. Many of the things I could do have a tendency to cause cancer. He did not give me much hope.

When I heard Zola advertise her weight loss program, I heard the words “This will change your metabolism.” These words caught my attention!  That sounded like what I was looking for and needed in my situation.

Signing up for the Plan Z diet has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. The program was easy to follow. I loved the structure of it. I started the program and studied the manual that came with the program. It gave me confidence that I could really do this for a life time. Other programs have discouraged me when I think of some of my favorite treats or meals. The thought of never being able to eat any of this again was overwhelming.

The best thing to me about the program is the training that I received. This has been invaluable. I knew many of the things about sugar, starches, carbs, and so forth. I loved the articles I was able to read. The little tricks were great for pasta and potatoes and etc. These have given me the confidence that I can still enjoy life and keep the weight off. We do many family get togethers. I am able to prepare some of these recipes and share without feeling like I am eating my own menu in the corner, so to speak.

On my first Zreduction, I was attending a three day family reunion. I planned ahead and took my own food. Others were assigned the food to bring and not all of it fit into my requirements. As I pulled out my food to eat, my son-in-law (Physician’s Assistant), said to me,”My that looks healthy.” Then he commented later on that I was very dedicated. I was. I wanted to lose the weight. The thing that kept me going at the beginning was the fact that I had spent a lot of money to try this out. I knew I had to stay with it and give it an honest try. Zola kept saying, “Don’t cheat!” That kept ringing in my ears. I wanted to follow the plan exactly as it was set out.

My son-in-law recently visited me. He was very impressed with the weight that I had lost. He told me that whatever I was doing was proof that it definitely worked. He knew the main idea of the program. He checked out the spray. This definely impressed him.

My husband has been my biggest fan. He loves the fact that his skinny wife is back again!

Thanks so much for all of the work you have put into this program, Zola! It has been such a blessing to me and my family. They want me around for a few more years. I plan to be here. My mother lived to be 90 years old. That is my goal. With your help I can do that.

— Dieter Clara