Definite Life Improvement

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Renee started Plan Z at the age of 58. She didn’t start gaining weight until her mid-40s and gained 40 pounds in just 4 years. Renee was tired, napping constantly, feeling sluggish and hiding her body beneath big, baggy flannel T-shirts. She tried other diets and would see great results at first but eventually all the weight would come right back. On Renee’s first round of ZReduction, she lost 23 pounds, which was more than half of her goal.

Things are different with Plan Z. “Zola is so honest…the education is what will keep me from going back [to my old weight].”

Click below to hear Renee discuss her experience with Chris, our VP of Anger Management.

She says the ZR50 Crave Control spray was amazing for her and that it helped her stave off cravings from day one. It even allowed a self-proclaimed potato lover to watch her husband eat French fries without any difficulty. “It’s like magic spray,” she says.

Renee is now in ZLife and comments how everything has improved, “Oh my goodness, everything! My energy level, my confidence, my mood… my clarity, my memory…it changed the way I dressed.” She gets compliments from friends and family and find some people don’t even recognize her at first.

When asked for advice to provide new and future dieters, Renee said, “Listen to everything Chris and Zola say… Take it day by day and at the end of ZReduction, you will be so happy.”

Thanks for sharing your story Renee!