She Said Goodbye to 40 Pounds

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Dieter Betty heard about Plan Z on her local radio station in Central Illinois. She waited 6 months before she decided to give it a try. What inspired her to quit researching and get with the Plan? It was her daughter’s impending wedding.  She wanted to lose weight so she could look back on those wedding photos with pride.

Betty has suffered with osteoarthritis in her hands, hip and knee and would need to ice and heat these joints every day before she lost weight on Plan Z.

“There’s hardly any pain at all from my arthritis after losing the weight.” She says now.

Betty lost 18 inches and 40lbs in two rounds of Plan Z. Her husband, Fred, lost 32lbs in just 35 days.

Betty told us, “When you lose that amount of weight you feel more self-confident about yourself…and I think clearly more.”

You can listen to their interview here:

Having her husband join her on the diet for the second round made it much easier.  As diet buddies, they could eat all the same food together and support each other through the process.  Now, they’re celebrating their success.

We call it the Buddy System and we offer a discount for those who diet together.  Call the office for more information! 800-255-9853.