We often hear, “I want to do another round. Can I just buy the spray?”

Until now, the answer was “Sorry, but No.”
But from now on the answer is, “YES you CAN – with ZClub!”

That’s right. Join ZClub and buy the spray you need by the bottle.

Why are we offering an innovation like ZClub?

  • Because we want you to succeed in reaching your weight loss goal.
  • Because if you fell off the wagon, we want to help you get back on.
  • Because you may want to do more than one round of weight loss in a year.
  • Because we want to make this easier on your budget.

Let me explain. ZClub is for returning customers, like you. If you’re not at your goal, this is the perfect way to get there.

Members pay for either a monthly or an annual membership. Then you pay only for the Crave Control spray. You can choose either the ZR50 or the ZR50-2 Crave Control spray.

And it keeps you connected to us:

  • You’ll have full access to the Plan Z member website, the recipes, coaching, Zola University, Zola herself and the ZTeam.
  • You can purchase spray by the bottle.
  • It’s an easier way for you to pay.
  • It allows us to give you the structure you need to succeed.
  • And if you fall off the wagon, you know you have a wagon to jump back on. Buy more spray and get with the program again.

Join ZCLUB and you get all this:

  • The opportunity to buy Crave Control spray and ZReboot spray for $49 each
  • Online access to the 900+ recipes whether you’re dieting or not
  • Daily coaching emails when you’re dieting
  • Inspirational videos and articles from Zola University anytime
  • Connection to other dieters on our private Facebook page
  • Yearlong support via phone and email
  • Access to Zola and the ZTeam

If you need several rounds to reach your goal, this is a no-brainer. Even if you need just one more round, this makes it less of a budget issue.

What’s changed? Why are we doing this?

3 reasons:

  • We started Plan Z in Chicago, one of the most expensive cities in the US. After careful consideration we’ve decided to relocate to the company to Chattanooga, TN, where costs are almost 30% less.
  • We want to make Plan Z more accessible to clients who need more than one round. This move allows us to do that.
  • Customer feedback from surveys, emails and phone calls is that the cost of additional rounds is too high. We listened. Our solution is to sell the ZR50 Crave Control spray as needed when you’re in ZClub.

ZClub gives you flexibility to order at lower prices. And still allows us to continue to develop recipes and offer coaching. Plus, we want to give you the kind of customer service you’ve come to expect.

You need all that to make Plan Z your permanent weight loss solution instead of another quick fix.

Plan Z is the last diet you’ll ever need. Even if you’ve failed at fifty other diets. Even if your friends tell you it can’t work. You already know it does work.

With ZClub, you will save money while dieting. We are hoping you save money on fewer doctor visits and meds as well. Whether you’re looking for a body transformation or a quick 10-15 pound shape up, ZClub is your easy answer.


(if you're still losing)
$19per month
  • 900+ recipes
  • Buy Crave Control spray @ $49 a bottle
  • Buy ZReboot spray @ $49 a bottle
  • Access to Zola, Chief Dieter
  • Access to Chris, VP of Anger Mgmt
  • Access to ZTeam staff and coaches
  • Zola University content
  • Articles for living ZLife after Plan Z
  • Daily coaching emails while dieting
  • Plan Z Insider podcasts
  • Plan Z private Facebook group
  • Live diet support via phone & email
  • 3 month commitment required


(if you're at your goal)
$5per month
  • 900+ recipes
  • Zola University content
  • Articles for living ZLife after Plan Z
  • Plan Z Insider podcasts
  • Access to ZTeam staff and coaches
  • Plan Z private Facebook group
  • Live diet support via phone & email
  • Cancel anytime

A decent cookbook can cost $60 or more with a couple hundred recipes. This collection is pushing towards 1,000!

Like any good club, we have rules, but only 3 of them:

  • ZReduction is 50 days long – MAX. You can become immune to the spray at that point or even a little before. Dieters try to push past 50 days and keep losing. It’s better for your body to move into ZReboot. Get more fat and oils into your diet and maintain until the next round. Stay Healthy!

(Please don’t try to do ZReduction without the ZR50 Crave Control Spray.  You’ll be super hungry and won’t have the spray to keep you comfortable while you diet.)

  • Once you move into ZReboot, stay there for at least 6 weeks. That will set you up for a successful next round if you need one. If you stop ZReboot early, you may go immune to the spray early. Mother Nature can’t be fooled forever. Follow our recommendations. Call us with any questions. 800-255-9853.
  • ZClub is one membership per dieter. Yes, that means Buddies each need your own membership. Still, at $19 a month, it’s a lot easier on the budget.

Eight years into this business, I know that clients love this diet. Well, we love you too. And we love offering you the best tasting diet on the planet.

Join ZClub because Plan Z is your favorite way to lose weight.


P.S. Check how much you spend each month on coffee or even bottled water. I bet this deal beats that!

P.P.S. Already at your goal weight and just want recipes only access? Click HERE. We have a plan for that, too.