No More Fat Clothes for Fat Months

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“Three wonderful words….I’M A Z-LIFER!

Here is my story.

My whole life (and I mean my whole life) I’ve been 25 lbs overweight. Back to school shopping for me meant the shopping in the “chubby” section at Sears. I was terrified when I was fitted in front of the other ballerinas for our dance recital costumes. My little chubby face would turn beet red and my stomach would be churning until the measurements were taken. My Dad called me “pleasantly plump” and [would] tell me I was just like his sisters having “big bones.”

From elementary school, I moved into junior high and high school still 25 lbs more than I’d like to be. I think I was the youngest person at Weight Watchers meetings and over the course of my life even became a Lifetime Member. In fact, they asked me to become a WW team member and be the leader of our local meetings. I think they saw in me the thousands of dollars I spent over my life at WWs so why not have her “teach.” Not for me…[I] must not be a very good student or believer because I lost and regained those same 25 lbs more times than I wish to remember. Besides Weight Watchers I did the egg and fruit diet, ate only graham crackers and an apple every day of my senior year, tried eating only fat-free products and convinced myself that Diet Coke was my “salvation.”

Through this whole time, I still remained 25 lbs overweight and this continued throughout college and my 3 pregnancies.

Then in 2013, I found Plan Z. Two friends were very successful on it so I picked their brains and ordered my first round. Being 25 lbs once again overweight doesn’t sound like a ton of weight to lose but for me, it had truly been a lifetime.

I followed ZReduction to the tee with very little cheating going thru both Thanksgiving, my birthday, and Christmas. SUCCESS! I lost 26 lbs and kept it off for 6-8 months. Slowly I put back on 15 lbs and went back on ZReduction for the second time. It worked again because I worked the whole program and got my mind wrapped around the education part of the Plan. My daughter also joined me on Plan Z plus my sister and we all looked fabulous at my daughters June 2016 wedding.

Fast forward to December 26, 2017…I ate myself through Christmas and drank my red wine and cocktails where ever I went. I was up 15 lbs once again from my happy place so ordered Plan Z for the third time and vowed it will be the last. It takes a few weeks to get over the headaches and detoxing and I always ask myself “why do you keep doing this to yourself?” Slow learner is my only answer. Success once again….lost those unwanted 15 and am happily in reboot enjoying my food. I’ve always been a foodie and enjoy cooking so your recipes Zola have become family favorites.

Besides the recipes, education support, Tuesday chats and talking to you during stalls I’m finally heading to be a Z lifer. My clothes feel so wonderful……no more have fat clothes for fat months….only clothes I love to wear in my size. Never again will I take the same 25 lbs off!! It’s my personal commitment. I’M FINALLY AN EDUCATED EATER….Such a good place to be for the rest of my life.

Thanks, Zola…..You have literally saved me from this 25 lb spiral and for that I’m extremely grateful.”

Sincerely, Margo