Spicy Steak Salad

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Plan Z Phase: This is a Z2 (ZReduction) recipe. This is especially good on a hot night. One theory is the spicier the food you eat the better you’ll feel in hot weather. That’s why in India they eat such spicy food. This steak salad can be made extra spicy or just with a kick. This version has a kick but I give you instruction on how to crank up the heat if you like your food spicy.

Servings Size: Serves 2.


For the Steak

  • 2 six ounce tenderloin steaks*
  • 1 cup of beef broth
  • 3 cloves of garlic, minced, jar garlic will work
  • 1 – 2 tsp of cayenne. The first time you make this I suggest you stick to one tsp and work your way hotter.
  • your favorite burger rub (optional)
  • ½ tsp of grated sea salt
  • freshly ground black pepper

For the Salad

  • leafy greens
  • your favorite salad fixins


In a Ziploc baggie add the steak and other ingredients. Let marinate at least 2 hours. The longer it sits the stronger it will get. Don’t marinate overnight or it will turn the meat brown. Take steaks out of the bag and toss marinade.

Take out your grill pan or fire up the grill outside. Grill the steaks to your liking. I use a gauge of 7 minutes per inch of thickness for medium rare, grilled at medium-high. This is just a gauge. Your grill may vary.

While the grill is cooking the steak you can prep your salad and have it on the plate, ready to go.

Take the steak off the grill. Let it sit for 5 minutes so it re-absorbs the juices. Cut it on the bias into thin slices and put those over the salad.  You can just drizzle the dressing around the side or leave it plain. The meat juices will give you some “dressing” to wet the salad. The zip in the steak will be mild.