The News

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It’s amazing how stressful it can be leading up to good news.

This time of year, is the first anniversary of my husband learning his kidney cancer was gone. Every six months we have to travel to Nashville to visit his kidney surgeon.

They do some testing to make sure nothing shows in the pictures that would indicate that the cancer is growing back.

We really have nothing to fret. He’s already gotten the great news once at the six- month point. That doesn’t mean you don’t worry, though.

We arrived in Nashville the day before the appointment. It’s not worth the stress of trying to do the drive the day of. We just get a hotel room. We stay at the place we lived for 4 months while he was being treated last year. It’s more of an apartment building that’s furnished and has hotel services. The folks there are very good to us.

We had an early dinner and tried to get a good rest.

The appointment was fairly early in the morning, so we didn’t have to spend a lot of the day wanting to bite our nails.

First stop is for the testing. Then not long after we were able to go to the surgeon’s office to get the results.

Most often with this kind of stuff you sit in the lobby for way too long and then get called to a quiet office in back and once again sit and wait for the doctor.

Not in this place.

We did have to wait in the lobby, but as soon as my husband stepped through the door the surgeon was standing about 20 feet away and screamed that the test results were clear! No cancer! There were hugs and then we made it to the consult room where we talked about the results and what we had all been through in the last year.

My husband and I are not happy dancing, screaming people, who when we got the news melted down in laughter and tears. We are the people who got to the consult room, sat down and I gently put my hand on this thigh. He caressed my hand. That was our way to saying “wahoooo!”

We all celebrate in our own ways. My husband and I have been celebrating events and news for 40 years now. I think this every-six-months meeting is the hardest.