Onion Chicken and Homemade Applesauce

"My mom wasn’t a cook which I think I’ve told you, so when she made pork chops she would put them in a dish, pour French onion…


My nephew tried his first one just the other day. He’s the one that declared them "Churgers." Really, they are ground chicken…

Roasted Chicken with Spicy-HOT Chipotle Adobo Sauce

You can serve sauce in a ramekin and dip your chicken. You can drizzle it over the top or you can pour it over. This is a…

Mandarin Chicken with Pea Pods

Have you ever had fruit with your chicken? It may sound kind of crazy, but it adds a nice sweet citrus flavor to this dish.

Sautéed Chicken & Onions with Lime Asparagus

I used chicken breast tenderloins, but it would certainly be possible to cut the chicken into smaller pieces. Serve with salad,…

Curried Chicken in a Crock Pot

A good dessert with this would be chilled mandarin orange slices dusted on top with cinnamon.

Raspberry-Chipotle “Wings”

Sweet and spicy wings with an unusual twist.

Chicken Mamou

One of my favorite Cajun meals is chicken mamou. Mamou in Creole is basically grandma. So this is “grandma('s) chicken.”

Marinated Chicken with Chunky, Fresh Tomato Sauce

This is my favorite summer recipe. It’s colorful, it’s light, and it’s very tasty.

Pulled Chicken

This also fits under the category of Happy Healthy Holiday meals for a leftover idea for turkey.

Thai Chicken Burgers with Asparagus Stir Fry and Wilted Greens

There’s no need for noodles or rice with this kind of Asian cooking.

Curried Chicken Salad

This salad is a cinch to whip up. It tastes a bit exotic and has all the elements of a gourmet chicken salad without the fat and…

Chicken “Schnitzel” a la Zola

Most schnitzel is pork. Most schnitzel sauce is made with beer and cream. Not on Z2. Here’s a pretty authentic tasting schnitzel…

Tuscan Chicken with Grilled Tomatoes and Onions

When the chicken is done plate it with the veggies and then drizzle the whole thing with the dressing.

Chicken Scaloppini

This makes a very authentic tasting meal that is satisfying and still diet food! Because of the breading on this dish you’ll skip…

Chicken Breasts with Fresh Tomatillo Sauce

This lovely Mexican dish can be made mild or spicy. There’s a fresh marinade (a quick one) and a fun sauce.

Bali Chicken

If you dust it with cayenne before cooking even your sauce will be spicy.

Mumbai Chicken Curry

Some love the more exotic taste of Indian food.

Chicken Salad

This leaves you with the ability to eat another half apple or half fruit portion for your dessert and it also gives a little…

Asian Chicken and Cabbage Salad

In the Zola to GO! version of this recipe you can eat the chicken cold or transport it separately and heat the chicken before…

Chicken Nuggets

This recipe was submitted by Zola Diet participant, Amy Z. Amy says, "This was great. The kids gobbled them up!"

Jerk Chicken

This is a fairly mild recipe for what is usually a HOT dish. SUPER easy!

Dijon Chicken

For those dieters on the run, who want simple meals they can make pretty fast when they get home I design recipes like this one.