I Scream, You Scream

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Remember that jingle?

When the cravings get tough, I think some people DO scream!

The good news is there is a way to have your ice cream, eat it too, and not gain weight.

Food companies are getting a clue that we want to have it all, but we know we can’t eat it all. So, they are making smaller portions. Ice cream bar mini’s are multiplying in the grocery freezer section. Many of the manufacturers are using higher quality ingredients, too, and leaving out all the artificial stuff.

You can in fact have a dessert every day if you keep your total carbohydrate count for the day under 20% of your total intake. Follow this rule of thumb: 20 grams of carbs (or less) in your dessert. 15 grams or less is better, but I do make a couple of exceptions.

So read the back of the box. If the carb count is under 20 grams, eat one. One per day should be safe. Just keep an eye on the scale…and scale back if you start to go overboard.

I went to the grocery store recently and found all kinds of new options. I even taste-tested a few so I could report out.


Klondike Mini’s

These come in 3 flavors: original, Reese’s mint and double chocolate. I tried the Reese’s, of course I did – peanut butter!

They have a mild peanut butter flavor and melt quickly. Next time I’d put it in a little bowl and eat it with a spoon so I can savor it better.

Original =13 g
Reese’s mint = 14 g
Double chocolate = 13g


Mayfield’s Brow Cow Junior

Dean Foods makes Mayfield. I had never seen this ice cream brand until I moved to Chattanooga. If you live up north, you might find these under a Dean Foods label. The ice cream bar is just enough and reminded me of a Dilly Bar from when I was a kid.

Carbs: 8 g. You could almost have 2 per day!


Carb Smart Almond Bars

This Breyer’s product comes in a mini size. Don’t buy the big ones. Stick to the bite-sized version. The almond gives it a nice extra crunch if you are into that sort of thing.

Carbs: 13 g


Dole Dippers

These come in the cutest little packs. You get 4 per pack which is plenty to give you mighty satisfaction after dinner. They come in pineapple, banana and strawberry. Banana was the big hit in our family and the dark chocolate version is our favorite. We don’t eat a lot of bananas so we found this one to be special.

Pineapple = 8 g
Banana = 13 g
Strawberry = 6 g


Magnum Minis

This is high level chocolate eating. Belgian. They come in classic, almond and double caramel. I made an exception to my normal 15 gram limit for the double caramel. It’s downright sinful.

Classic = 13 g
Almond = 15 g
Double caramel = 18 g


Outshine Bars

If you have someone on your home team who is not a big fan of ice cream but wants a mini-bar these are fruit bars of the right size. There is a variety pack with three flavors including a lime one. Be sure to read the ingredients on these. They have several variety packs, and some have the artificial sweetener sorbitol in them. You don’t want that. Believe it or not, regular sugar is better than that artificial stuff, and these come in at a very reasonable carb rate so the small amount of sugar in these is ok.

Carbs: 8 g


You can have your ice cream and live a healthy life. No need to scream.



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