Celery Apple Salad

Serves four as a side dish. With the addition of a protein, this could easily serve two as an entrée. Consider things like cold-cooked shrimp, shredded cooked chicken, or even cold sliced steak. Perfect for a warm day.

Burger Stuffed Onions

Truth be told I made this dish for my husband. He LOVES roasted onions. I had a craving for a burger, so this fit the bill. How much burger will fit in your onion depends on how big the onion is and how well you scoop it out.

Veggie Stir Fry (EASY)

This colorful dish is super simple to make. You can include whatever assortment of veggies you like. I’ll give you a list of suggested options. You can serve this with something cooked on the grill; chicken, fish, or even steak.

Chicken and Green Chilies Casserole

This chicken casserole will remind you of chilies Rellenos. If you like those you’ll be a big fan of this low-carb dish. Simple to put together and toss in the oven. And Voila! Dinner. I serve with slices of avocado on the side dusted with a bit of grated sea salt.

Mushroom Steak Sauce (SUPER EASY)

Smell this sauce before you put it on your steak and you’ll swear you’re in an old-time steakhouse. The addition of the Worcestershire and Dijon elevate this simple sauce.

Chicken Scallopini

A traditional Italian meal made the Plan Z way. My husband declared this one of his favorite meals of the year.

Cajun Butter Steak

My version of this steak is done by searing and roasting the meat. You can also choose to do this on the grill. Choose your favorite steak cut. It was a special occasion at our place, so I used beef tenderloin.

Cognac Truffles

If you don’t use liquor in your cooking you can leave that out. You can also flavor them with stevia flavorings. You could have coconut, vanilla or other flavors.

Creamy Cajun Shrimp and Sausage “Stew”

I’ll admit it. I found this inspiration recipe online. I did not have to change it up much to Zola-fy it..it is soooo good!

Lemon Brownies

I found a classic Southern Living recipe and took out all the sugar. These are amazing – even if I do say so myself!

Cheeseburger Casserole

I found this recipe online. I didn’t have to do much to make it Zola. It tastes very much like a cheeseburger. The way to make it exciting though is to make sure you pile on the toppings that you like on your burger. You can feed the whole family with this and no one will miss the bun.

Seafood Dipping Sauce

My associate, Jennifer, brought me a recipe for dipping sauce. When I served it, I paired it with crab cakes. YUM.

Creamed Onions with Raisins

This is one of my husband’s favorite holiday recipes.

General Tso’s Chicken

This is a very popular Chinese take out item that you can easily make at home. You can also follow these instructions and make it much lower carb than the one from the restaurant.

Devil’s Eight Legged Eggs

Here’s an idea from the Plan Z kitchen. Use this classic recipe and add a spooky twist for a hauntingly delicious Halloween snack. 

Spooky Snacks

Here's a cute idea to offer children or family members around Halloween. There are so many ways to spin this.  The best part? No candy required.

Bloody Mary Mocktail Mix

The virgin Bloody Mary mocktail is full of flavor and tastes just like the real thing - just without the alcohol.

Instant Pot Corned Beef

When you buy corned beef, there is a little packet of corned beef spices that accompanies the brisket. The secret is to use that and ADD your own corned beef spices to the mix -- after you toast them.

Peach Blueberry Slab Pie

One piece of advice on this recipe, eat it fast. That means invite some folks over and try to polish this off in one seating.

Shrimp and Mushroom Casserole

This is elegant comfort food. It’s sort of like the American version of the French dish called Coquille St. Jacque.