Sitting is the new smoking

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Tired of feeling sick, fed up with feet swelling and body pain just from walking, Dieter Darryl was ready to go on a diet. He lost 36.5 pounds with Plan Z and managed to get off medication for high blood sugar and high cholesterol. Now, at 203 pounds, he is no longer considered diabetic and proclaims himself a lover of salads. Darryl praises Plan Z because he actually learned how to eat and what to avoid. Plan Z taught him how to break his old habits.

Now, when he eats something high in sugar he starts feeling sick. Darryl told us, “That addiction to sugar is completely gone. In fact, now if I eat something with sugar in it by mistake, I actually pay for it. I feel lousy. I start feeling sick or my stomach hurts. My body is totally rejecting it.”

He’s tried to diet many times before. His take: “You’re really not the one who fails the diet. The diet fails you.” Plan Z gives you the information and long-term plan for keeping the weight off.

At the time of his interview, Darryl was on the air for Plan Z in West Lebanon, New Hampshire. Something that Darryl told his listeners frequently was, “If you’re in a situation where I was, that you’re 50-60 pounds overweight and you get up and you walk and it hurts and all you want to do is sit down? Ladies and gentlemen, sitting is the new smoking.”

Having tried other diets and failed to keep the weight off, his results from Plan Z made his son so proud. During a FaceTime chat with his son, Darryl was told, “Oh my god, You’re so skinny! What happened to your three chins… In six months you kept that off.  I’m so proud of you. You look so good.” And that to means everything to Darryl.  It means a lot to the ZTeam, too.

Have a listen below.