Plan Z Success Story
Debbie Lost 100.4 Pounds

“I just turned 58 and I’ve done the best I’ve ever done on any plan I’ve done. . . . Yes – you CAN do it. The way Plan Z is laid out, the manual, the way they support you, you follow it. It works. . . I feel amazing. I’ve learned how to eat correctly, the RIGHT way, the RIGHT foods.

My knees – I swore I needed knee surgery in both knees. Nope. They don’t hurt [anymore]. My back doesn’t hurt. I sleep better, I have more energy and I have my smile back.”

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“I’ve eaten naked, boring food for years…”

“The big thing is, I get a lot more information and support. When something not going perfectly, I can ask someone...and I don’t feel lost.”

Sitting is the new smoking

“You’re really not the one who fails the diet. The diet fails you.” A wonderful reminder from Dieter Darryl.

My self-esteem has returned

My self esteem has returned, I’m now wearing the same size jeans that I wore in high school, and I can run after my grand kids without losing my breath!! Can’t believe it was like carrying a 35 lb bag in each hand for all these years.

“I never felt like I was deprived or hungry at all.”

“I slept better, I looked better, I felt better, and it was very noticeable. I got comments and compliments from so many people.”

She Said Goodbye to 40 Pounds

Betty lost 18 inches and 40lbs in two rounds of Plan Z. Her husband, Fred, lost 32lbs in just 35 days. She told us, “When you lose that amount of weight you feel more self-confident about yourself…and I think [more] clearly.”

Her Doctors Were Blown Away

“The most important thing I learned: that fact that everything I knew is bogus, all my concepts of dieting and what’s good to eat and what’s not good to eat is just blown out of the water. It’s a whole new re-learning process. It’s working and it’s easy to do. I don’t feel deprived at all.”

Definite Life Improvement

Zola is so honest…the education is what will keep me from going back [to my old weight].

Stuck No More

I thought I was stuck. I was 52 years old, 300 pounds, I was a heart attack waiting to happen...[but] you're never too far gone to come back.

The Hidden “Danger” of Losing 40 Pounds on Plan Z

THIS is what happens when you lose 40 pounds and go from a size 18 to a size 10. The folks at Goodwill thanked me for my donation. I’m on ZReboot, loving it and maintaining my weight loss nicely.

Big Guy, Big Change

Biggie lost over 293 pounds on Plan Z…and is still losing. Biggie’s drastic transformation ranks him as one of the top losers (or should we say winners) on the Plan Z Diet.

WPKO’s Sam Tyler: The Best Decision I Ever Made

Sam Tyler, a local radio DJ in Bellefontaine, Ohio, is now living a whole new life after losing over 206 lbs on Plan Z. And with the education provided by Plan Z, he's sticking to that new life with ease.

After losing 37 pounds I feel 100% better

I don't park in the handicap parking anymore, I leave that for somebody else who really needs it. I park further away but that's ok because I don't need a cane anymore. I feel 100% better...I just can't believe how much 37 pounds made a difference in my life. It's incredible.

The best arthritis pain killer that I’ve ever had

My arthritis was pretty impressive. I was taking 12 Advil a day for pain. [After losing 46 pounds on Plan Z] I'm in pretty good shape with my arthritis. It's probably the best arthritis pain killer that I've ever done.

As a diabetic, Plan Z changed my life

Dieter Jay's doctor removed him from all his medication after completing his first round of Plan Z! In this interview, Jay talks about how much impact the Plan Z education had on him as a diabetic. He also talks about the satisfaction of going from a 40′ to a 34′ waist.

Here Comes the Bride: Taunya Iverson

By the time Taunya went for her 2nd wedding dress fitting she was 4 sizes smaller than when she had picked the dress out, making quite a bit of work for the seamstress.

The Real Deal

I lost 25 lbs and I feel like I didn't have to sacrifice to do so. I would definitely recommend this program to everyone!!

No More Fat Clothes for Fat Months

Thanks, Zola.....You have literally saved me from this 25 lb spiral and for that I'm extremely grateful.

No Longer the Big Guy in the Room

With some determination and a little bit of sacrifice (that was made a lot easier with the ZR50 Crave Control spray), I lost 70+ pounds! I have also stopped most of my medications, still working on that last pill. My knees don't ache when I get out of bed anymore. I was so successful, that both my sisters also started the plan.

It Is A Life Changer

I got married in November to the most beautiful lady and I am blessed in so many ways. One way is that I can be at this healthy weight and MAINTAIN it!

Biggie’s Favorite Recipes

“I never felt like I was truly dieting because everything I would eat tasted great…I never got frustrated where I would with other diets because I was consistently losing weight and I was consistently eating good food.” - Josh "Biggie" Ellinger, Greensboro, NC